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What should a actress do when she meets a junior? Take a look at the way in the entertainment indust

One awesome mistress from the sea: the so-called marriage is not easy, let alone the couple in the entertainment circle. How can the actress fight back to defend the marriage in the face of all kinds of temptation and harassment? Today, Xiaobian is going to take everyone to check the things, those who beat the mistress of Xiaobi, have the most outstanding actress, and admire Cherrie Ying most, and give her the power to be aggressive.

Ying caier

Cherrie Ying, a mistress of awesome integrity, was unable to give any more help when she met Xiao three. She once found that her "rival" seduced her husband on Chen Xiaochun's mobile phone, so she directly tweeted: "that woman dares to send some strange SMS and photos to Mr. Chen. I'll send you your name and phone number on Weibo. Did you hear that?" she hit back and won praise from netizens.

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Yuan Yongyi

With a husband who is not old in appearance, Yuan Yongyi probably has no less worry. When shooting a certain play, Zhang Zhilin had an affair with the heroine. After many years of CO production of the film version, it was also reported that Yuan Yongyi made a rule not to spend the night outside in order to see her husband. However, Yuan Yongyi once said in an interview: "it's no use, many people like to challenge the limit! In fact, it's better to enrich yourself and treat my husband better, which is more useful for the wild bees and butterflies. I will leave room for my husband to deal with it. '

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Ma Yili

Ma Erie has experienced the biggest marriage crisis, probably "see you on Monday.". The article derailed Yao Di, which made the public opinion at that time in an uproar. Later, the article admitted that he was wrong and returned to his family. Ma Yili also used the greatest bearing of a woman to forgive the article and maintain his family.

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Zhou Huimin

Zhou Huimin had been in contact with Ni Zhen for many years, but he was shocked to kiss by Ni Zhen. When the public opinion circles criticized Ni Zhen's century slut, Zhou Huimin chose to use marriage news to calm down the storm. Although many people at that time were not worth it for Zhou Huimin, now think about it. When we first chose to be generous and tolerant to help Ni Zhen tide over the difficulties, he was completely convinced by Zhou Huimin and later lived with her in a submissive manner.

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Mai Jiewen is the wife of the actor Jiang Hua. At that time, Jiang Hua had feelings with the heroine Deng Xiwen when shooting "I have a date with spring". Later, it was discovered by the media. However, after the incident was exposed, Jiang Hua, as the actor of cheating, didn't keep a low profile. Instead, he followed his wife to one side and accused Deng Cuiwen of seducing herself. At that time, the biggest thing was that Deng and Mai Jiewen scolded each other in TV programs, which caused a sensation in Hong Kong. Of course, in the end, Mai Jiewen defended her marriage, but her husband, Jiang Hua, was also more infamous.