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Wang Ziwen 8 tips to teach you how to wear the golden proportion of girls

A share from Haimei: when I first saw "the nth power of home", the smart and funny Haimei who watched it together liked it very much. But at that time, she was still not warm, not famous. Until "Ode to joy" became popular, the role of "Qu goblin" was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. QuXiao gauze clothes have become a hit. Wang Ziwen's private clothes are also amazing. Let's see how she dresses small people in golden proportions.

No.1 hair is easy to be short but not easy to grow

The impression of Wang Ziwen has always been short and medium hair

First of all, in the beauty of the entertainment industry more discernible

The second reason is that they are small

The hair is too long. It's really tight!

You can have a high hairstyle like Wang Ziwen

For example, when we were children, we all pierced the head of the sky or half a ball

No.2 skirt is easy to be short, slit and not long

We should all understand that skirt should be short

Even Wang Ziwen has specially blogged that the skirt will show leg length above the knee

So I guess, she should love summer best

Because you can wear shorts and skirts to show your white legs

No.3 pointed high heels are true love

The shoe problem has always been tricky

After all, few people can wear 10 cm thin and pointed head hate sky high

Even Wang Ziwen loves her wedge heel shoes best

You can see how much she treasures these shoes by how far they go abroad

Singing wear, activity wear, usually wear & hellip; & hellip;

So girls, it's still pointed shoes!

Even if it's not hentiangao, at least it's smart and doesn't make mistakes

Can be increased by 5 cm, too greedy, may be counterproductive oh

No. 4 waist line should be high

Having long legs should be the dream of every girl (or even a boy)

The air field has many legs, and the legs has the final say.

After squinting at these old photos, you will know why!

Because there's no waistline behind her, that's it

So now Wang Ziwen is a high waisted piece

Even if you don't have a waistline, you have to use a belt 'artificial waistline'

So I think the high waisted piece will not be out of fashion in 50 years

Now, no matter the skirt or trousers, there is no high waistline

Designers don't put it into production & hellip; & hellip;

No.5 learn to wear the same color or suit

Up and down with the same color to wear method is not good at matching sister paper is a life-saving straw

And it's easy to feel

Solid black and white are the safest

It can be seen in the matching of suits

Participating in the activities, she did not less use this technique concave modeling!

Although she is small, she likes to cover the length of her shoes when choosing pants

Haimei doesn't recommend wearing it like this at ordinary times, but she doesn't deny that this move is really brilliant!

No.6 is neat and concise

How important is brevity to small girls?

Look at the autumn and winter photos before Wang Ziwen

The exposed long T-shirt has no waistline, and there is a short skirt and boots in the lower part of the body

It looks a little (very) bloated. It's really hot!

Mix and match is a sense of hierarchy, but please small girls do not use in the lower body!

Isn't it good to simply wear pants or leggings?

If you want to wear a short skirt, you don't need to wear boots!

No.7 boot should be low

Autumn and winter are the world of boots

What knee boots, boots, I'm really & hellip; & hellip; don't look at them

I used to buy boots

Come back and wear a short skirt. It's not leg. It's nice with pants. It's not European or American

Because we can't wear shorts and boots with bare legs like Wang Ziwen

Boots below or near the ankle are true love

The girl with thin legs can choose wine red, brown and other colors that you like. Otherwise, you'd better wear the same color. Don't try to shine on shoes in autumn and winter

Our goal is to integrate the lines of the shoe legs!

No. 8 should be very thin!

Wang Ziwen knew that he was small

So in the control of weight above special attention, only less than 80 Jin!

Plus these little tricks

Even if the height is not enough, it still looks like a 'slim' type

Therefore, in this easy to stick autumn fat season

Do you want to 'keep your mouth shut and open your legs'~