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Show your face! Wang Ke sends a long message to Liu Tao on his wedding anniversary

A message from Haimei: September 26 is the wedding anniversary of Liu Tao and his wife for nine years. This afternoon, Wang Kefa wrote a long article to recall the process of getting married. Wang Ke was very lyrical: "that afternoon was also very quiet, even the car was extremely smooth, I could hear you breathing outside the light music. "And let out a photo of Liu Tao in the hotel, affectionate confession:" if we meet today, please wish me a happy anniversary! "

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Wang Ke revealed that if Liu Tao's fans hadn't reminded her, she would have forgotten the exact time when they got the certificate. On the day of getting the certificate, they didn't make an appointment, and even the location was found early in the morning.

In this regard, netizens have also sent a blessing: "you hard happiness, we quietly guard, happy 9th anniversary!" also told him: "remember to hold sister Tao for us. '