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How to judge a man's taste? Look at his wife

A man's taste lies in choosing his wife. What kind of wife he chooses is equal to what kind of life he has chosen. As the saying goes, men are afraid of entering the wrong line, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man?

Hong Yingming, who wrote Caigentan, said that it's not as deaf as a shrew wife who criticizes her. A strong demon can't last long, so does marriage. Sanmao said: I prefer others to treat me as a fool, then no one will argue with a fool, so women tend to be more stupid, especially when it is time to be stupid. Simple women are so cute? See what men say.

Simple family, happy women

About: Wu Wenfu, a 31 year old company employee

As the saying goes, if you can make a husband and wife, it must be an enemy. Husband and wife have been bumping and bumping together for a lifetime, so find a woman with a simple mind to go home, so that even if they quarrel, they won't be so hard. A friend's wife is a frank, warm-hearted woman. She graduated from technical secondary school, and she is not good-looking. She weighs more than 130 Jin. But she is happy because she is simple and simple. A friend is a person in the officialdom, and often has constant social intercourse. No matter how late he comes back, his wife will wait for him to come back, and then hand over a cup of tea before going to bed. A natural friend dotes on his wife. From this woman, I see that the so-called happiness is the satisfaction of life: that is, women in life have to learn to be stupid, learn to be short-sighted, don't look too clearly at anything, and be a simple, stupid and contented woman to be happy!

Living with smart women is stressful

About: Zhou Chengrui, 32, manager of the company

Before, I talked about a girlfriend, taste, temperament, knowledge are not to say. According to my friends, to marry such a beautiful and smart woman home is my son's previous life, should be content. Indeed, when we lived together, she took good care of me, arranged my life properly, and even sometimes I thought like a prophet. In the work, sometimes in order to socialize, it is inevitable to play games. For example, occasionally when I come back late, she doesn't say anything, and she doesn't look unhappy. But she helped you hang up your coat, carefully patted the dust on the clothes, let people look at the inexplicable uneasiness, do not know what she is thinking. So every time, after a day or two, I told her exactly what happened that night. Over time, with her will feel a kind of invisible pressure. Slowly, I feel that our life between a relaxed, natural thing. And my work makes me need a lazy, casual home to release my mood, a simple, happy woman.

Know now min, this more firm my original idea. It all comes from a meal. When I saw min for the first time, I thought it was a little vulgar, but it was lovely. The simple smile was natural and gave people a feeling of youth and vitality, which can drive you to enjoy the most primitive fun of life. Looking at her optimistic personality, I think that men do not have too much burden and mental pressure to live with her;

A man's taste lies in choosing his wife. What kind of wife he chooses is equal to what kind of life he has chosen. As the saying goes, men are afraid of entering the wrong line, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man?

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I can't resist a woman who is frank

About: network name LM 27 years old software design

In most of our women's wrong ideas, it seems that men like little birds or elegant intellectual women, but in fact they are not. Deep down in their hearts, most of what they want is a warm and simple woman.

In private, we bachelors have also discussed the question of what kind of woman to marry

To marry a beautiful woman in a vase is really full of men's eyes at first, and it can attract men for a short time. But this kind of decoration can only be put at home. A woman who has no idea and no ideal will soon bore men and make them regret.

To marry a beautiful and smart woman, a man should have been satisfied. However, this kind of woman is too strong. She also calls on men in life, which makes people feel oppressive. So they regret it. They knew that it would be better to marry such a cow woman and find a little bird to depend on others.

Marry a small bird and a man, at first, he felt very happy. He has the final say in his big and small matters, and he really satisfied the common problem of man's male chauvinism. But the husband and wife's daily life is oil, salt, firewood and rice. The little woman calls her husband all day for a bag of salt and a bucket of oil to ask her husband if he has no opinion. The man will certainly regret that he should have married someone who has his own opinion.

I remember a friend who once described simple women in this way. He said that simple women are women who know how to live and care for themselves and others. Although they have a little vanity, they still take simplicity as the main theme. They are realistic and do not refuse romance. They like to listen to praises, but they are not easy to be complacent.

Therefore, a simple, enthusiastic, frank and optimistic woman is irresistible to men.


Simple women are easy to be contented and know how to stop desire and keep pain away. Simple women's happiness is because simple women are stupid and will not complicate simple things. To be a simple woman is to have a simple mood and enjoy the real happiness of life itself in simplicity. A simple woman is actually a happy woman.