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Sun Li and Deng Chao tease and force loving parents to give me a dozen

A sharing from Haimei: Sun Li and Deng Chao are like an unshakable monument in the embarrassing situation of fewer and fewer model couples in the entertainment industry. It's just that these two people, the ability to tease and force, how willing to part. Sun Li broke away from the heavy Revenge of the mother, fitness, pranks, all kinds of interaction with Deng Chao, it is absolutely love. Netizen exclaimed: such parents please give me a dozen~

Some time ago, the editor had just finished the second anniversary of Julie Pitt, and they broke up. Xiaobian didn't give up on herself and was burned both physically and mentally. She decided to write a story about her son and granddaughter on her birthday and Deng Chao's passing through the world.

When it comes to the chance of meeting Sun Li and Deng Chao, the actor Yin Xiaotian is quite proud. When shooting "happiness like flowers", the director decided that Yin Xiaotian played Bai Yang, the son of Gao Gan. However, due to various reasons, Yin Xiaotian did not take over the role, and then found Deng Chao. He met Sun Li as the star.

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Sun Li and Yin Xiaotian

Sun Li and Deng Chao's love is not legendary.

In 2006, at that time, the fashion of entertainment industry was still secretly in love. Deng Chao and Sun Li were in high-profile love because they starred in TV dramas, and their high-profile love scared the gourd eaters. Later, they said, we didn't mean to be photographed. There's no way.

In everyone's eyes, Deng Chao is a rebellious man in adolescence all the year round. He has a short temper and goes out at night. When he met Sun Li, he began to be active during the day, and Sun Li was quick tempered and often angry. Deng Chao is a rough guy. Every time he opens his mouth, he comes to "let's analyze this matter" and asks Sun Li to swallow the fire back to Shengsheng.

Two children who grow up in divorced families have many imperfections, but meeting makes them find security in each other. These two very strange people, so become a perfect combination.

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Having known each other for ten years, they have really walked a long way together. But if you let me talk about their lives in a sensational way, I can't do it & hellip; & hellip; 'Deng Chao has been mentally retarded for many years, and Sun Li has never left behind'. This is not a rumor.

As a model of being arrogant in front of others and becoming coquettish when she sees his wife, Deng chao'ai goes online to "suppress" Sun Li: "the mother worships every issue (running man) 10 times, as if every time she has to hand over her slippers and ask me to sign her name. "His micro blog is also full of provocations, such as listing evidence of" cheating. "

Declare war openly

But is it not good for & hellip; & hellip; to live healthily? The outcome of the rebellion is the following

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However, Deng Chao's strength lies in that he loses in a fight with his wife. His attitude and speed of admitting advice are worth learning from.

Once Deng Chao lost a game to Sun Li, and Sun Li asked him to boast of his ten advantages on Weibo. Then he really boasted that his excellent language skills made me feel goosebumps all over the place. I'll give you some experience of Ctrl + V.

Sun Li, when I see you, I'm afraid of electric shock; if I can't see you, I need to recharge. If it wasn't for you, I think I would have cut off the power. Sun Li, you are my poison, infiltrating into my blood, penetrating my nerves, controlling my brain. If you have a drug attack one day, please don't forget to give me the antidote! Sun Li, if you are the most distant and beautiful aurora in the sky, I would like to turn into an ice and snow mountain and wait for your light in the silent passing time. If the kingdom of heaven is the closest place to you, I can give up everything in the world just to let you go, and this love will never change;

So numb, instant to micro blog to make things - because there are too many likes, micro blog collapsed. Micro-blog's CEO also make complaints about the "Tucao" &hellip, … the function of point Zan is overflowing, and the engineer is repairing … … "&hellip".

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Sun Li in order to take care of such Deng Chao, is also very difficult, recently also used black garlic health care, hope to cure him.

However, it doesn't make any difference. It's natural for Deng Chao to get wind.

Now think about it, the two children who worry about him most are hellip & hellip; and Xiaohua, who have been spoiled by Baba since childhood.

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Baba teases the younger sister, the younger sister dislikes the Baba, so two people cry together

Deng Chao also let the children look up to themselves. People say that the father is probably God

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Sun Li said that in addition to the size difference between Xiaohua and Baba, there is a cute and stupid & hellip; & hellip;

Who have I offended?

Tut & hellip; & hellip; OK and so on. I'm quite normal with floret's mother. From time to time, I take them to practice yoga and keep fit.

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(one of the hot comments: Deng Chao is not here. The picture is beautiful

Mother's brother and sister are also lovely.

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This painting can also edify children's sentiment and improve their aesthetics.

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But again teases the forced father, also has the affectionate husband's side. On the sixth anniversary, Deng Chao finally took the right medicine

A family photo, covering all their happiness.

I wanted to take a group of special beautiful family photos. Then, the two children were like this all the time, leaving his father and I to amuse ourselves.

As the saying goes, parents are role models for children. Deng Chao and Sun Li, one is responsible for teasing and the other is responsible for treating teasing. Since childhood, they have watched them fall in love and kill each other. It is very difficult for Deng Chao and Sun Li not to become teasers. But have you ever thought that teasing is actually the secret weapon to seize happiness? For the little pot friends, what is more precious than learning how to embrace happiness from parents?