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Hou Peicen was asked about Zhou Jielun's moist eyes

A sharing from Haimei: when the actress Hou Peicen appeared on a variety show, Jay Chou's "what a man" was suddenly put on, which made Hou Peicen embarrassed and not only red eyes, but also tears. For Zhou Dong, Hou Peicen should also have too much emotion, Hou Peicen also said, his marriage is not very smooth.

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According to Hong Kong media reports, Taiwan actress Hou Pei Cen appeared on a variety show. The program asked guests to make ironic remarks. Hou Pei Cen said, "in fact, I have problems getting along with my husband, and I feel like a bit of a strange dream when I get married. The reason why I got married is just to give an account to my family. '

The host asked Hou Peicen if he had ever talked about the love between brothers and sisters? The background music played Jay Chou's "what man". Hou Peicen was stunned first and then made a gesture to wipe away his tears. Cai Kangyong exclaimed: "you are not going to cry!"