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Baby is pregnant again! The new hairstyle is so cute

A message from Haimei: baby is pregnant again. Although the true and false are not clear every time, but this time a variety of pregnant women's flat shoes seem to have a nose and eyes. But no matter what, it still can't stop baby girl's heart flooding. The new style of braid is going to sprout. Do you hold the residence? Yes, I forget. Why should he hold it.

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Angelababy and xiaomingge have been married for nearly a year, and they have been pregnant for more than five times. Recently, the aunt of "goddess suspected to be pregnant" has been put on hot search again. Just as the whole people are paying attention to whether baby drinks, whether she is puffing up her feet and stepping on her flat shoes, baby does not care about the rumors, but sends out two photos of her new hairstyle in ins and microblog: cutting a new bangs and showing off a pair of them Braided, and very satisfied with their own age! God horse pregnant, people are clearly still a baby! Mouth Heng!

At first glance, it looks like it's wearing a long braid, but it's hard to avoid it. Starting from the front hair of the middle part, the delicate fishbone braid is woven close to the head to the end of the hair, which is similar to the boxer's braid. After baby's and waist long hair are braided into a long and thin braid, the two sides are respectively turned up to form a look of high ligation. Gulin is extremely weird! In other words, teacher angelababy's hematemesis recommends a new hairstyle. Have you got it?

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It's not over! One day later, baby put a big trick on INS, and cut her long hair from the waist to the head. For this more natural and refreshing shoulder long hair, baby also added small bangs, which changed the whole style from soft to playful.

Looking back on baby, who has long hair with waist length and long hair, she has a middle shawl, a natural curl, full of Fairy Spirit, and looks like a standard goddess. However, the female personality that baby can't hide has been seen through for a long time, and the ancient spirit, cool and stylish shape may be more suitable for her.