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Russian photographer Angela tells you about the danger of beauty

A share from Haimei: are you still using the beauty camera to make a big eye out of P face? It sounds like low. I haven't always liked the original natural photos.

A self-taught photographer from Russia is really a brave artist. She stands up well and works at a good angle to achieve the best skin beauty effect. However, she is different. In the corner of the top of a high-rise building, she leaves a sunny smile fearless of the strong wind.

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With her strong spirit of adventure and steel heart, Angela constantly seeks for new exciting challenges. Compared with the uneasiness of ordinary people in high altitude, Angela calmly picks up her self timer stick (or someone else helps her), and records the moments of these "marginal people". From standing at the top edge of a skyscraper to sunbathing on the roof of a skyscraper, her photos are full of beauty, but also frightening.