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How to choose a pillow for your baby

A share from Haimei: the baby's clothing, food, housing and transportation are all concerned by mothers, and pillows are no exception. For the newborn baby skull is soft, choose a good pillow is also a key step. Is it big, small, soft or hard. How to choose a variety of pillows on the market? What's the point? You'll know!

In this regard, director Chen Jianping of the children's health care department of maternal and child health care hospital made the following suggestions for Baoma:

When will it be used?

Newborn babies have a large proportion of head. When lying on your back or on your side, your head and body are almost on the same plane. As a result, pillows can be avoided. However, if the winter clothes are thick and the baby's head is heavy, you can also use a lower pillow (you can fold several layers of towel instead) to keep the balance of the body. After 3-6 months, in order to maintain the physiological bending during sleep and keep the body comfortable, the baby can start to use the pillow.

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How to choose the right pillow

Material: baby's growth and development is fast, the metabolism is exuberant, the head perspiration is more, dribble is easy to remain on the pillow, it is easy to cause skin infection and other diseases. So the baby pillow must have good hygroscopicity and air permeability. The best pillow case is cotton.

Height: the main function of the pillow is to support the cervical spine, so the height of the baby's pillow should adapt to it. Keep the head and body in the same plane. With the growth of age, adjust and increase the height of the pillow at any time.

Hardness: the baby's pillow should not be too hard. When the baby is growing up, the skull is relatively soft, and the combination is not firm. Long term use of hard pillow can lead to the deformation of baby's skull, forming flat head, long head, oblique head and other problems, and even affect brain development in serious cases.

Chen specially pointed out that the formation of many flat heads in Chongqing is also related to the old-fashioned aesthetic outlook of the elders. The wrong traditional concept should be abandoned. Babies with skull deformation must have regular physical examination, follow-up of nervous system development and timely intervention.