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Huang Lei, the fatter he is, the more delicious he is

A share from Haimei: I haven't seen many intelligent fat men in the entertainment industry, such as Ying'er, Wu Yifan, pan Weibo and so on, who have become male gods and goddesses through their efforts. But Huang Lei did the opposite. When he was young, he was also a real God. Haimei watched Lv Bu in Huang Lei's "butterfly dance in the end of the world" when she was a child. Although she now looks like a dreary pixel, she is still handsome. Although the figure of "shensuanzi" Huang Xiaochu, which often appears on the screen, has become mellow, it has a special flavor. It lacks the tenderness of fresh meat and increases the maturity and wisdom of men.

It is true that time is a butcher's knife. What time takes away is not only the appearance of the stars, but also their popularity. But in this age of looking at the face, he actually let the audience fall in love with him.

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Huang Lei, a male god with high beauty, grew up to be a fat man. Why is he still so popular? The high looks of some stars disappear overnight, but the decline of Huang Lei's appearance is a slow parabola.

Once Huang Lei, is a delicate and quiet life appearance completely. Young Huang Lei and Zhang Guorong co performed "singing in the middle of the night". At that time, a Hong Kong audience said that the 24-year-old Huang Lei was more beautiful than his brother. In April day, Xu Zhimo, who said goodbye to Kangqiao, made many young literary women regard Huang Lei as her husband.

It's slow to get fat. Daughter in law Sun Li is pregnant. Huang Lei doesn't film, and she has a baby with Sun Li. Later, Huang Lei recalled, "in that year, we ate, drank and enjoyed ourselves, so we gained about 30 jin. "By the time the baby was born, Huang Lei had completely completed the evolutionary history of obesity.

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The fat Huang Lei did not stop his acting career. Instead, he helped him find the "second spring" of his acting career. He turned him from a literary and art student to a chubby urban husband and father. After that, Huang Lei played such roles as men's Gang, husband and wife affairs, I love my male girlfriends to the recently popular little farewell.

At this stage, Huang Lei's part as an actor finally began to overshadow his part as a high-quality literary idol. This actually answered the first question about appearance: why can Huang Lei still be popular without his high appearance? The answer is: acting skills.

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Why is Huang Lei even more popular than in the past? On the surface, it is because of two popular reality TV shows. But the question comes again. Why is Huang Lei the most popular star on reality TV?

In "where's dad going?" Huang Lei's most important point in the program is that he can cook besides being a good father. Huang Lei is good at cooking because he always puts "cooking for the family" first. Another reality show that has made Huang Lei popular is, of course, extreme challenge. There, Huang Lei got a new nickname 'shensuanzi'.

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The most common line in the whole program is that Zhang Yixing asked: "is this the human brain?" or Wang Xun commented on Huang Lei with envy: "Mr. Huang Lei is really an old fox. He is so smart! He is so powerful & hellip; & hellip;"

When Huang Lei easily threw out a sentence in the program, "IQ is a hard injury." that time of reading Agatha, Sherlock Holmes, and keigo toyno was all rewarded. At this time, Huang Lei's appearance did fall, but his EQ, IQ and kitchen business had already made up for the lost beauty.

If a general male star wants to continue to be popular after passing the peak of his appearance, he must give the audience a reasonable reason. However, Huang Lei gave several items in one breath. Is it appropriate for him not to continue to be a male god?