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Psychological test: is your heart healthy and strong

A test from Haimei: the latest headlines are almost all about the news of Qiao Renliang's death. At the same time, the other one that attracts people's attention again is depression. In today's social pressure is so great, everyone will have a little problem more or less. So test your inner health to see if you are strong enough?

Test one

Please answer: 'yes' or' no '

1. Are some people or things easy to make you unhappy?

2. If someone is sorry for you, are you still worried about it for more than half a year?

3. Are you angry with the person who bumped you on the bus or subway and didn't apologize all the way?

4. Do you often don't want to talk to people?

5. You are doing important work. Do you feel that other people's words disturb you and annoy you?

6. Do you analyze your psychological feelings and behavior for a long time?

7. Do you often feel that others look down on you?

8. Are you often in a bad mood?

9. When you argue with others, do you often lose control of your voice, resulting in too loud or too light voice?

10. Are you used to talking to yourself?

Do you get angry when others don't understand you?

12. Can't you enjoy watching comedies and listening to jokes?

Do you often feel that someone is making fun of you?

Objectively answer the above questions. If the answer is mostly 'no', congratulations. At present, you have a healthy psychology. If the answer is' yes', you should be careful. Your mental health may have been affected. If you have found the problem through the above problems, you should improve it in time.

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Question: if the most spectacular meteor shower of the century is coming, where would you choose to watch it?

A. Seaside

B. The top of the mountain

C. Grassland

D. Roof

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Psychological analysis:

Choose a: for you, when there are setbacks or failures in life, the best comfort is love. Therefore, to find a person who really loves you is what you must consider while pursuing success.

Person B: you are a very optimistic person. I believe that no matter how big the problem is, it will be over. It's important for you to have a group of friends who can pour out their bitterness.

People who choose C: some of you like to use fantasy to relieve stress and anxiety. This kind of resolution can meet the needs of the time, but in the long run, you also need to grow up and exercise your strength to deal with reality and setbacks.

Choose d person: you usually like to arrange your life full, let work occupy most of your time, so you are more prone to interpersonal problems. So what you need most is to expand your social circle and integrate into the group.