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99% of people run the wrong way to lose weight. No wonder you get fatter and fatter

A sharing from Haimei: running is the first exercise that everyone thinks of after losing weight. But as the saying goes, as long as you go the right way, it's only a matter of time. But the point is that if you go the wrong way, it will only get further and further away. Running is also, most people, the method of running is not right, no wonder you run more fat. 1. Come up and run

Many mm weight loss heart, a gym to run on the treadmill. In fact, it's not the best way to lose weight. The body's energy reserves include fast energy - glycogen and reserve energy - fat. When you start running, fast energy is first mobilized. Only when the fast energy consumption is almost enough, the body will mobilize the reserve energy and mobilize fat. The scientific running method is: first carry on the related strength training, consume most glycogen, after all, long-time running is very boring.

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Weight loss exercise methods

Common sense: strength training before aerobic exercise

1) First strength training, you can consume most of the glycogen reserves, when you start aerobic exercise, fat can be mobilized quickly, the efficiency of burning fat is improved.

2) Due to the glycolysis and energy supply of strength training, a lot of lactic acid is produced. The accumulation of lactic acid not only affects the exercise ability, but also delays the recovery of the body after exercise. After strength training and aerobic exercise, lactic acid can be brought into the tricarboxylic acid cycle through pyruvate, and the accumulation of lactic acid can be avoided.

3) Strength training can promote the secretion of adrenal hormone, catecholamine hormone such as norepinephrine and lipolytic hormone such as growth hormone, which is conducive to fat mobilization and decomposition.

4) Strength training can also increase muscle repair and synthesis. If the body contains more lean tissue, the basal metabolic rate will be higher, and the more energy consumed, the more conducive to increasing fat burning.

Benefits of strength training before aerobic exercise

Beneficial fat mobilization first consumes most of glycogen reserve, which makes aerobic exercise more efficient and accelerates lactic acid metabolism Glycolysis produces lactic acid accumulation, aerobic exercise will bring lactic acid into aerobic oxidation and burn thoroughly, which is conducive to reduce exercise fatigue, accelerate body recovery, increase the secretion of lipolysis hormone, anaerobic exercise can promote the secretion of lipolytic hormone, improve the fat burning rate, promote metabolism, increase the body's lean tissue, and promote energy consumption.

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How to lose weight by running

2. Run for 20 minutes at a time

From the above analysis, we have learned that fat, as a reserve energy, can only be mobilized after glycogen consumption. In theory, about 20 minutes is the time when fat begins to mobilize and participate in providing energy. If you only run for 20 minutes, and the fat stops running just after mobilization, the purpose of burning fat will not be achieved. This is also the reason why people often say that running for less time is not as good as running for a long time with less times to lose weight.

3. Drink while running

The drinks on the market can be roughly divided into three categories (usually about 350 ml in a bottle): 60 kcal, 120 kcal and more than 200 kcal; 60 kcal belongs to low energy, and the most common is about 120 kcal; more than 200 kcal is found in energy drinks such as glucose drinks. While we jog on the treadmill (speed 8 ~ 9) an hour consumes about 500 kcal of energy. If you drink a bottle of 350 ml glucose drink, it means that you have about half an hour of running in vain!

Some people don't drink drinks, but bring their own so-called secret supplements. For example: Chrysanthemum tea, herbal tea and so on, these herbal herbal herbal herbal tea energy is not high, but the taste is not good, so honey will be added. Although honey is a good summer health drink, but adding too much is also a problem of excessive energy supplement.