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The strongest way to get rid of blackheads in history. Blackheads, blackheads, go away!

A share from Haimei: do you have a strawberry nose? Blackhead is a annoying existence, out of sight and out of mind, but it just appears on the nose, not deep or shallow, and just beginning to bloom. In order to fight with blackheads, the younger sisters also show their magic powers. Today, let's see how the Waiguo people do it!

Prepare egg white and paper towel first. Pay attention to egg white

Tear out a small piece of paper

On the top of the nose egg white, and then apply paper towel on the nose, and then apply egg white to the black head

Do it over and over and wait for it to dry

This is a key step. Tear it off quickly after drying. Remember to do it quickly!

See the effect ~ still can, sister paper, quickly learn