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Do you get the most popular "muscle breaking method" for Japanese girls?

'muscle break', some people call it 'lazy people's favorite skin care method'! What's the meaning of muscle break? Have you ever heard of such a skin care method called muscle break? Some people may wonder if they don't use all skin care products, or they may directly answer 'don't know'. It doesn't matter if you know this kind of skin care method which is popular in beauty circle, let you know about it in three minutes today!

What do you mean by a broken muscle?

'muscle break' is a term invented by a Japanese skin care expert. Muscle break is also a popular skin care method in the Japanese beauty industry. When the skin condition is not good, it is not only futile to wipe too many skin care products blindly, but also may cause a burden. In a special period, when the skin is hungry for a while, the skin can get a proper rest and start again after returning to zero, the absorption of skin care products will be smoother, the efficiency of skin care will be improved, and the skin care products will play a greater role, not only the effect will be more obvious, but also the cost of skin care will be saved.

Note: skin care method is to reduce the use of skin care products, not nothing.

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Why do you want to have a muscle break?

Let the skin be independent and develop self-healing ability

The skin has the self-healing power originally, not necessarily depends on the skin care product to be able to work normally. If you rely on too many delicate skin care products for a long time, your skin's adjustment ability will become poor. Once you encounter changes in your body, environment, temperature and other internal and external factors, it is very easy to have a situation. Reduce the amount of maintenance products in time, on the contrary, it can stimulate the skin operation and make the state more stable.

Let you know your real skin

In fact, many people don't know their own skin type, and don't know whether to replenish water or suppress oil, largely because the skin care products used 'make trouble from it', and the functions of replenishing water and regulating cover up the real state of the skin itself. To "cut off" the skin means to reduce the external interference, restore the skin to its original state, more easily observe the real needs of the skin, and supplement appropriate skin care products.

Better absorption of skin care products

Too many maintenance ingredients are just like too delicate food, which will spoil appetite and absorption power for a long time. If you always think skin care products have no effect, it's not necessarily that you use them too little. It's very likely that you use them too much. Timely help the skin "clear the intestines and stomach", then the absorption of skin care products will be better, improve the efficiency of skin care, make skin care products play a greater role, not only the effect is more obvious, but also save the cost of skin care.

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Why do you want to have a muscle break?

Let the skin rest

The environment we live in is not as good as before. The pollution is more and more serious day by day, and the pores of the skin are easily attacked by pollutants. Therefore, we should clean up the skin and let it rest for a while, which is better than the way of "feeding" maintenance products with long-term overload. This is like a person who has been working in the big environment of Yali mountain for a long time. If he / she goes to travel in time to adjust his / her mood, he / she will be more efficient when he / she comes back.

The best skin care method for lazy people

'muscle break' is a good skin care method for lazy people, which is in line with the living habits of the majority of urban people now. Think about it carefully! I'm tired after I go home from work every day, but in order to maintain a good image, I have to spend time on maintaining the face project. The appearance of 'muscle break' just satisfies everyone's lazy psychology, so that I and my skin can have a proper rest.

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The key time for muscle fasting

From the first 3 days to the first and second days of the physiological period, the skin is the most emotional, which is a good time for the skin to start to stop eating. When the physiological period is over, the skin just enters the follicular period with the peak absorption, which is a good time for intensive maintenance, and the maintenance effect is the best.

Note: the first 'muscle break' should be arranged after the physiological period. Because the skin condition will change with the physiological cycle, from ovulation to physiological period, the skin is vulnerable to the influence of hormones, so it is suggested that the first "muscle fasting" of the skin should be arranged after the physiological period to detect the correct skin type.

Cut off the muscles during the season change

When changing seasons, the secretion of water and oil is easily out of balance, and the skin becomes sensitive and rough. Too many maintenance products are the burden instead. Choosing a week to cut off the skin's food will help the skin adapt to the seasonal changes and recover its water and oil balance.

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One week skin care method

One week skin care method

Day 1 to reduce their own maintenance products, first stop the thick cream milk products.

DAY 2 disable whitening, oil control, anti-aging and other functional products, retaining only the most simple moisturizing lotion.

During the day 3 muscle fasting period, ensure sufficient sleep, clean the skin in a gentle way, and try not to rub maintenance products. If you feel too dry, you can moisturize your skin with isotonic moisturizing spray.

Day 4 will find that although there is less layer by layer care, the skin condition is much better than you think.

DAY 5 starts from today to gradually restore daily maintenance, make-up water essence lotion cream, plus one bottle a day.

Day 6, 7 in the muscle during the break, a good observation of their skin's real situation. Now, according to your real skin type, do intensive maintenance.

Tips: if you feel uncomfortable during the break, you can stop eating at any time and slowly resume normal maintenance.

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What's going on to prove you need a muscle break

1. The skin is prone to inflammation and allergy

2. The skin will be difficult to adapt and sensitive after season change or travel

3. After exfoliation, the skin's absorption of the product has not changed

4. Apply too strong nutrition skin care products every day

5. Do more moisturizing, water and oil are still seriously unbalanced

6. Use a maintenance mode for a long time

Please put the above conditions and your current skin condition into the seat. The more conditions you meet, it is time to 'lose weight' your skin. It is urgent to 'cut off the muscle'.


Muscle fasting is not to let go, but to promote the self-healing and circulation of the skin. This is a kind of Zen skin beautifying method. Put aside the complicated skin beautifying process temporarily, let the skin return to the natural state as you wish, and let the skin get a proper rest. The effect of muscle cutting is still obvious. Have you got such a great skin care method?