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Is the constellation female that faces affection the most dead heart eye you?

A piece of sharing from Haimei: persistence is a rare quality of a person. Persistence in the business field can get a lot of wealth, academic persistence can get a lot of knowledge, emotional persistence... It will be divided into two parts. To treat the right person's persistence, to keep the clouds open and see the moon, what we will surely gain in the future is perfect emotion. But if we persist too much in the wrong person, the result is that we hurt ourselves too much. Who is the most persistent and dedicated in the treatment of feelings? Now let us know immediately.

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First place: Taurus

It's not easy for Jinniu women to get involved in a relationship. In the face of love, their seriousness is like that of examinees who take part in the college entrance examination or doctors who operate knives for patients. They are only under the pressure of success and failure, which makes them more cautious and careful. They are afraid that a wrong decision will ruin their life. Once the candidates are determined, Taurus will follow them step by step, giving wholeheartedly and without regret.

Second place: Cancer

In emotion, Cancer woman makes people feel that there is a kind of foolishness. It's like catching a driftwood in the sea and never letting it go. It's just a joke about her love life whether it's solid or rotten. However, many people are moved by cancer women's faithful love view, and the man they fall in love with is also a blessing.

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Third place: Scorpio

Scorpio women hate the feeling of being cheated and betrayed, so they don't want to do what they don't want to do to others. They focus on talking about a relationship together, in order to let the other party know their 100% emotional purity, and also give the other party a soft warning -- I'm so attentive, if the other party can't concentrate as much as I am, or even in case of an abnormal event, please be responsible for the consequences.

Fourth place: Capricorn

Capricorn women have no romantic fantasies about love, but they don't reject to pay close attention to a man, because they think that changing lovers is the most waste of life. Only by making love stable as soon as possible, can they have more time to do what they really want to do.

Fifth place: Virgo

Virgo people have a love of cleanliness, but this love of cleanliness, sometimes life, sometimes spirit. Virgins never give up using the characteristics of cleanliness in love, because it is much easier to keep one place clean than to keep many places clean, so they will only focus on one goal, and absolutely die.