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Wang Junkai is your wonderful 17-year-old

Yesterday was Wang Junkai's 17th birthday~

Like it or not, you have to admit: TF Boys is really hot, and the trend of the fire has almost refreshed everyone's cognition of idolatry -- never seen a star be popular, and fans bought a villa in Beijing at their own expense to give their love beans to their hearts, and the number of fans is so huge that it's really up to 99 and down to just go, and countless people are shouting and screaming for them in their hearts

People who don't like them may murmur: why? First of all, when I haven't started the road to pink, I will also scoff at people who are looking at TF boys all the way: who do you like, but I prefer such a small boy, which can be considered as pedophilia?

But they are too angry. Their advertisements are all on TV. Their interviews are all on the magazine. A youth training manual can wash their brains for three months after listening to it once. This year, it will be on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. It will measure the heart of every enigma brother, Enigma uncle and aunt of Su's Enigma sister with their long legs.

In such a strong offensive, I think a lot of people who don't like them can't help but wonder to understand slowly (I'm such a Da ~), and then their love is out of control. Now my love for the three little ones makes my friends seriously ask 'are you in any cult?'

And three small, my favorite, is captain Wang junkaila!!!

Take a selfie. It's so tender that you can squeeze water out of your face~

The dog's eyes when playing innocent make people love each other. They just want to put their arms in their arms through the screen

So now I'm poisoned to see what Kaikai micro blog eats, I also want the same takeout!!!

Wuli Kaikai is affectionate to sing.

If you dance in a hot dance, you will be able to switch from the handsome Zhengtai for a second to be aggressive, so that I can't hold it slowly, OK!

I just want to

In addition to the talent in singing and dancing, Wuli Kaikai's acting skills in the online drama "super young code" are also very surprising

You haven't grown up yet. If you look at this figure ratio, you can't use more beautiful adjectives on your lips. You can only say: good legs, good legs

In addition to the online drama, Kaikai also participated in the Great Wall, a giant production directed by the national teacher. His role was the little emperor of Song Dynasty. Zhang Yimou also commented on Wang Junkai: he had passed the strict examination and praised his intelligence and talent in film casting. He suggested that he could apply for the performance department later. It can be seen that the potential to be an actor in the future is also considerable.

In "Zhu Xian", he plays young Lin Jingyu, a handsome and elegant man in ancient costume, with a starry sword eyebrow. My forehead, which is rarely seen in front of people, has hit my little heart. Those black men who say TF boys must be ugly when lifting the bangs, please come and have a look. My baby's appearance of showing his forehead is pretty, OK!

In addition to Yan Hao, Kaikai also likes to tease the poor on the programs and microblogs. The child is bored and sullen. He looks very good and can choke people to internal injuries in a word

Doting on fans will make mom fans cry in a flash. In the cold winter of late night, they will grab the railing and shout out to fans outside.

Fans will knock on the window to comfort them because the scalper can't see him

In the crowded airport, I look down for fans to pick up mobile phones, regardless of my own safety

As a public figure, he pays attention to public welfare undertakings and spreads love. In 2016, green plants adopted green ambassadors, and the ability of fans to raise funds was the first.

Idols and fans are always double arrows. Wang Junkai, who loves fans and is warm-hearted, has a good face. He only eats with talent. Of course, he has super popularity and has swept all the major lists for many times. 7 times at the top of Sina entertainment

Cover song combination single "sample" occupies 1 place in the whole year

A single birthday blog has exceeded the Guinness World Record

It has contracted for the champion of Baidu boiling point popularity scream list, the perfect God of men on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and the double champion of annual Popularity Award, and the top ten influential figures of the post-90s.

As the representative of middle school students, Wang Junkai's influence can not be underestimated. As the vice chairman of the student union, the outstanding youth representative of the May 4th movement, and the representative of the all China Federation of learning, he has twice entered the Great Hall of the people. (this is going to be an official career ~)

This is what the adults call the children of other people's families. Knowing Wang Junkai, I feel like dismantling Russian dolls, and I'm always surprised. From now on to the future, I believe you will always be wonderful! Happy birthday~