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Wearing this kind of ugly shoes on the street in autumn, the rate of turning back is just a pop!

A piece of sharing from Haimei: autumn is coming, and those who wear ugly clothes on the streets in summer can finally slow down. After all, it's really hard to wear ugly coats and trousers, but the clothes are not ugly. Some shoes are moths again, not only exotic, but also ugly. Wearing these shoes on the streets in autumn is the rhythm with high turning back rate to pop watch.

I don't know what the designer of this shoe thinks. In rainy days, there is water in the shoes. If others want to see the pattern of your shoes, they have to go around to see it.

This shin is too thick. It's like two pillars. The legs are ugly. The feet are ugly and the shoes are ugly. Please take off this white toilet paper cotton socks.

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I've seen clothes tied with belts, but I haven't seen shoes tied with belts. It's not cold or hot to wear these shoes in autumn.

Don't wear shoes that are very rustic in contrast. If your feet are very black, this light colored shoes will only show that your feet are darker.

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How do you let people wear these shoes? Should you put your feet on the left or the right? I don't know what the designer thinks. Human feet are not animal hooves.

If you wear high-heeled shoes, you should wear high-heeled shoes. If you have a shovel in front of you, you can't stop it if it's waterproof or dustproof.

I can't tell whether the shoes belong to summer or autumn. It's too cold to wear them in autumn.

Sports high-heeled shoes, the rhythm that has been blacked out of the sky, need not be said much. It's better to buy a pair of sports shoes well.