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Mid Autumn Festival love moon cake to catch the God's stomach!

[Xiaobian said] Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon, and it's time to seize your God's stomach. When other people send hundreds of luxurious packaged mooncakes, you take the mooncakes you make by yourself, kill other people every minute, and do it quickly!

1、 Blueberry cream ice skin moon cake

Try to eat evaluation: there are sweet and salty, and the flavor of egg yolk, sweet and not greasy, too delicious.

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Main and auxiliary ingredients: 200g of ice skin moon cake powder, 185g of cold boiled water, 20g of white oil, 280g of cream filling, appropriate amount of blueberry jam

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1. Weigh 180g of ice skin moon cake powder in a clean basin, and 20g of ice skin moon cake powder will be left to make hand powder. Then slowly pour 185g of cold boiled water into the powder and mix well

2. Mix the flour and suck in enough water, then add white oil and knead until the dough is smooth

3. When the dough is smooth, add some blueberry jam and knead it

4. Put jam in the dough. If you don't want it all to turn purple, don't rub it too long

5. Divide the dough into 25g / serve, 20g / serve, and rub

6. Pack the cream stuffing into the ice skin, then round it, and finish it in turn. Be careful not to have cracks, or it will crack again when pressed

7. Put a little powder in the mold, shake it well, then put in the moon cake embryo, press out the flower pattern, repeat this step for each one, without dry powder, the moon cake will stick in it. If it doesn't shake well, the lines in some places are not clear

8. Press the mooncakes and refrigerate them for 30 minutes.

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2、 Golden meat and pine moon cake

Tasting evaluation: full of stuffing.

Water and oil surface materials: 260g flour, 130g water, 70g cooked lard, a little salt, a proper amount of sugar

Pastry material: 240g flour, 120g cooked lard (the above can be made into 20 Soviet style mooncakes)

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1. Prepare a portion of cooked lard first, and boil it with plate oil or fat oil, and then use it when it is condensed

2. Mix all the water and oil ingredients together and mix them into dough with dough mixer

3. Mix 120g flour with 60g lard and scrape into pastry

4. Divide the pastry into 18 grams and the water and oil into 24 grams

5. Bread and water pastry

6. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 15 minutes

7. Roll out the dosage form into a long oval shape

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8. Roll it up, leave it for about 10 minutes and roll it out again. After rolling it up, leave it for 10 minutes. Cover the plastic film or cloth during the process of standing. It can be used after standing

9. A portion of meat floss

10. Press the dough into a round sheet,

11. Try to pack more stuffing in

12. Wrap it tightly and flatten it slightly

13. After wrapping, close the mouth tightly and put it in the baking pan. Preheat the oven at 175 degrees. Before putting it into the oven, put some food coloring on the moon cake

14. The oven is 175 degrees. Heat it up and down. Put the top layer of the oven for about 20 minutes. When the surface is crisp, you can take it out