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Did anglebaby change back to Qi Liuhai in Hong Kong?

[Xiaobian said] the hair style of the star has changed again and again, and the beauty value of anglebaby is also high and low. This time, baby has changed her hair style, and this time, she has cut back Qi Liuhai from Hong Kong. I don't know if it's the cause of hair color, or how it is. I always feel that it looks strange there.

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With make-up inexplicably let Xiaobian trance see the same dummy. The bangs are too heavy.

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Isn't that a good air bangs? How about air? How can there be only bangs?

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At the peak of baby's beauty, it's 360 without dead ends. It's fresh and fresh

[Xiaobian nags] I don't want to say anything about baby's plastic surgery. I'm happy. After all, it's beautiful. It's good for the Yellow master to like it.