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Physiology lecture: tell you why your aunt hasn't come yet!

Girls often find that their aunts are getting more and more untimely, and the amount is more and less, which is the expression of menstruation disorder. In fact, before the age of 22, irregular menstruation is also a normal phenomenon, but has passed the development of girls, aunt is still abnormal, it should be taken seriously!

Menstruation, also known as menstrual cycle, is a physiological cycle that occurs between some fertile female humans and other hominid animals. Other mammals go through the estrous cycle. Women of childbearing age and primate females have a spontaneous thickening of the endometrium every one month or so, vascular hyperplasia, growth and secretion of glands, collapse and fall off of the endometrium with periodic changes of bleeding. This kind of periodic vaginal discharge or uterine bleeding phenomenon, called menstruation.

Pay attention to other diseases caused by irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation not only brings problems and troubles to women's health, but also brings great inconvenience to women's life. Unpredictable changes in menstruation and menstrual volume will make women anxious and uneasy, and the causes of irregular menstruation are closely related to our living habits. Many women's irregular menstruation is caused by some gynecological diseases, among which the common ones are hysteromyoma and ovarian cyst. If not treated in time, it will lead to the deterioration of the condition and increase the difficulty of treatment. Menstruation is not only a sign of a mature daughter, but also one of the criteria for women's health, so women must go to see a doctor if they find their own menstrual abnormalities.

It's easy to cause irregular menstruation without breakfast

There are many girls who don't eat breakfast, some to lose weight, some to work hard, and other reasons. No matter what reason, do not eat breakfast to the female body damage is bigger, especially in the cold season, do not eat breakfast then the human body 'firepower' is more insufficient, causes the female body cold, but this can cause the blood vessel contraction in the pelvic cavity, causes the ovarian function disorder, may cause the menstruation to be too little, the menstruation loses the adjustment, even amenorrhea. The emergence of irregular menstruation has harmed many women, especially the long-term irregular menstruation will affect women's fertility. Therefore, modern women, especially white-collar workers, should develop good eating habits, especially must eat breakfast on time. To keep beautiful, women should adhere to a scientific diet, especially if they can't go out on an empty stomach without breakfast, which is most likely to affect their health.

Irregular menstruation is easy to cause infertility

Menstruation is not easy to lead to ovulation period is not fixed, so it is very easy to lead to infertility. Menstruation is related to many factors, such as spirit, mood, external environment, weather change, some hot and cold stimulation, improper diet and so on. It is suggested that you should pay attention to your diet at ordinary times, and do not eat raw, cold, spicy and irritant food. Keep warm and avoid catching cold. First of all, this phenomenon is a concentrated reflection of female physiological cycle disorder and endocrine disorder. In many cases, it will lead to the occurrence of hemorrhagic anemia symptoms, which will lead to female dizziness, shortness of breath and other phenomena. Many people are so weak and lack of appetite. If this situation continues, it may threaten people's life safety.

Why can menstruation not adjust cause infertility

Many women think this situation is a common phenomenon, so they don't care, or because of the habit, it gradually leads to the deterioration of the disease, and finally may produce ovarian cyst and other diseases. Of course, whether a woman can be pregnant has a lot to do with whether her ovulation is normal or not. If there is no regular pattern, it will certainly affect the ovulation period and not regular, which will definitely cause pregnancy obstacles. Irregular menstruation will lead to poor skin color, mood will also be affected, endocrine disorders, which are very harmful to women's health.

Don't be careless about the irregular girls. The consequences caused by irregular menstruation are very serious. If you don't adjust your menstruation earlier, it will cause more damage. If you have irregular menstruation, go to find a doctor for treatment~