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What do boys care about most about the body parts of girls? That's right!

Nowadays, people's aesthetic outlook is quite different from that of the past. Straight men see women differently than women see themselves. You may still be trying to lose weight, but he cares more about the little details of your lines.

According to elder sister PA, the following six body parts of girls that boys care about most are easily ignored by our female compatriots ~ ~ ~ although they seem to be a little picky, these small details determine whether your body is perfect and in place, and can be pulled out!

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Detail 1: face and neck contour

The contour of the face and neck is the most obvious visual impression. In other words, if the contour of the neck is not clear enough, then the most popular concept of v-face can not be talked about. There are many factors related to the beauty of contour, such as the distribution of subcutaneous fat, the contour of skeletal muscle, and the firmness of skin.

[beautifying tips] After skin care every day, with the massage of the mandible, the facial contour can be clearer. If you stick to it for a long time, you will see the effect~

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Detail 2: shoulder

The shoulder line can be evaluated as far as the clavicle. In the eyes of most boys, the shoulder with clear texture of ravine can make girls look more elegant and charming, and the clavicle with X sense is also the key to enhance the charm value.

Try massaging the lymph along the neck from the back of the ear. Remember to press it in the clavicular fossa and under the armpit.

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Detail 3: arms

If you don't look in the mirror, it's hard for many girls to find their arms are not perfect. After saying goodbye to the farming era, boyfriend will never like the girl's strong arm like a unicorn, nor the soft fat feel like a marshmallow. However, the arm is often another part of the body that is hard to move to, but easy to accumulate fat.

[tips] insist on aerobic exercise.

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Detail 4: back

The back has always been the key to the details that affect the overall body texture. It's hard to present the most beautiful state even if it doesn't involve fat. Generally speaking, boys' requirements for the back concave convex curve are absolutely no less than the attention to the Huns.

[beautifying tips] in addition to a few exercises such as yoga, there is little chance to exercise the back line; some equipment training for Shisheng can exercise the back, or take two dumbbells to do the expansion Hun exercise can also exercise the back muscles very well.

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Detail 5: armpit adjacent to front

In summer, they never lie, which may be the reason why girls love and hate it. Whether they wear a suspender vest or wear a Hun skirt, the most troubling problem is probably the small lump of meat at the junction of the Hun and the armpit. We also call it "Fu dagger". Details are details. They are small but still eye-catching.

[tips] it's hard to exercise in general aerobic exercise. With the help of some equipment, this piece of muscle can be fully exercised, and at the same time, it can improve the line and compactness of the Huns.

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Detail 6: lower leg

Thigh slightly thick does not seem to be a hard injury, sometimes it can highlight the fiery and domineering under the right wearing and matching, but the crus thick and round texture will only make people have no choice but to say goodbye to skirts or shorts. In the boyfriend's heart, the thin calf line will let you vaguely show a kind of thin beauty.

[beauty tips] the most effective way to exercise the leg line is jogging with massage. Yoga training can lengthen the leg muscles. In addition, no matter what exercise is done, the stretching and relaxation after the end is particularly important, which can help the calves not to form unsightly muscle blocks and make the calves slender and symmetrical, but it needs long-term adherence to see the effect.