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Take these accessories to your "Moonlight appointment"

[Xiaobian said] the Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Can you find the right match to go to your moon festival? Next, Xiaobian will select some for you. You can refer to them and find out the feeling~

The moon is bright, and the stars hang in array. Picking up the summer heat, the Mid Autumn Festival quietly arrived. No matter where I am, at this moment, my heart is like an arrow. H. Stern brings the moonlight series jewelry, but you are not reunited in this mid autumn festival. Moonlight series takes the full moon as the design inspiration, absorbs the shape characteristics and crafts of classical jewelry, perfectly integrates the soft, tender, not elegant and fashionable.

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Mid Autumn Festival accessories recommendation

Love & middot; go home

It's not easy to get together, so don't just bring your thoughts home. H. Stern moonlight cuts large colorless crystals, quartz and Topaz into unique shapes and inlays them in dark 18K gold, then decorated with diamonds. Like the stars in the bright moonlight, clear and soft. On the night of Mid Autumn Festival, you can enjoy the flowers and the moon. The bright and natural moonlight series will be your best greetings to your family.