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Girl friends don't do it? That's terrible

[Xiaobian said] recently, there are always boyfriends who complain to Xiaobian that their girlfriend is really too busy to love any more. But I'd like to say that your girlfriend regards you as her own person. It's family members who are free and unrestrained. If everything is polite, you should see if there's Lao Wang next door in her mobile phone.

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Xiao Qin said he couldn't stand his girlfriend. He was determined to break up this time.

The reason is that the girlfriend loves to do it.

I chatted with a female netizen on wechat, and then my girlfriend accidentally saw him and made a scene with him. After coaxing, my girlfriend began to check her mobile phone for three days.

'just a female netizen, who doesn't know where she is, just chatted casually in wechat. It didn't matter at all. She made such a fuss as if I were cheating. 'Xiaoqin is very speechless about his girlfriend's vexatious behavior.

If you don't let her watch her cell phone, she will get angry and break up in a quarrel.

Before I fell in love, I thought she was really a good girl. She was knowledgeable, gentle and kind. After I fell in love, she was like a changed person. She was so special that I could do it. It was really unbearable.

Girls love to do, it seems that they are born with a skill, just like eating and sleeping, no need to be taught, a love will automatically learn.

Xiaoqin and Shanshan are in love for the first time. They have no love experience. Xiaoqin thinks that Shanshan is too fond of her work. Shanshan thinks that Xiaoqin can't give her a sense of security. The two have been separated and combined for countless times. Finally, they end up and go their separate ways.

As a boy, do you think your girlfriend likes to do it? It's a headache.

I think so, though I'm a girl.

For example, girls like to change their ways to ask you 'which one do you save when your mother and I fall into the water at the same time', which is a common question to test whether you really love her.

For example:

When we have dinner together on a date, we ask her what she wants to eat. She says whatever she wants.

How about hot pot?

Hot pot is too hot and easy to get pimples.

How about Japanese food?

Things are too raw to have diarrhea.

How about KFC?

Fast food is not healthy. It's not good to eat too much.

What do you want to eat?


The last two were very upset about the meal.

For example, in a certain holiday, girls wait left and right, can't wait for your gift, don't even have a blessing, and then they know you forget it, and then girls start to make it.

It's not a big thing to forget a festival, but why do you forget the festival, and then raise a small problem to the level of love and non love.

Seeing here, do you also think it's a torment to meet a girlfriend who loves to be in love.

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Yes, girls do love it


Yes, girls do love to do it. Sometimes the two were just fine. Suddenly, because of one word or one thing, the girls began to do it, which made the boys confused and tortured.

If I am a boy, I also want my girlfriend to be gentle and considerate, independent and never do it.

But if the girlfriend doesn't do it, isn't it necessarily good?

In Zhang Xiaoxian's the furthest distance, Su Ying never cared about how much money her boyfriend made from stock speculation, whether she would encounter risks, how late he came home, and she didn't even notice that she had cut her long hair short. She didn't care.

She thought that she and politico had been in love for so long that she had no passion.

In front of political and literary works, Su Ying has always been a perfect girlfriend. She is beautiful, has her own career, has an independent economy, never clings to people, and most importantly, she doesn't like to work.

However, when she cut her long hair short that day, she went to buy an electric heater when she met a doctor named Qin Yunsheng, she fell in love with him at first sight.

After that, the two met again in the burning bird shop that Su Ying and his friends had opened together. Since then, Su Ying couldn't help loving Qin Yunsheng, and she had no choice but to break up with the politics and literature who had been in love for many years.

After falling in love with Qin Yunsheng, she became sensitive, worried about gain and loss, and vexatious.

Su Ying, who used to be gentle and considerate, would be jealous because of love. She would also be cautious in love, unable to find a sense of security, and would become a lover.

Even Qin Yun's girlfriend's sister's cat is jealous.

Finally, Qin Yunsheng can't stand Su Ying's vexatious behavior. They break up, and Su Ying changes back to the independent and mature woman after breaking up.

Love is a common disease of girls in love. This disease will happen at any time in love, as if there is no medicine to save. When there is no love, it will not cure, and the more young, the more serious it is.

I still remember that when I first fell in love, I also kept on doing it.

I will be jealous when I see my boyfriend's comments to other girls. I will be angry when I get back my information late. I will be scared when I can't find him.

Sometimes, after a small quarrel, if he doesn't coax me, I will quarrel to break up with him, delete his QQ and cell phone number, he will be angry and ignore me, and he will quarrel to add back, opening and closing countless times, anyway, it is all kinds of work.

I don't know why I became like that. I love anger, jealousy, suspicion, gain and loss, and love to do.

For others, I am gentle and sensible, but when I am in front of the person I like, I will lose control of my emotions. I can't control myself not to think about things, I can't control myself not to lose my temper.

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In love, I am like a child without a sense of security


In love, I am like a child without a sense of security. I need to find warmth from each other. However, he never gave me the sense of security I wanted. He only felt that I was too fond of acting and unreasonable.

When I am angry, he will put me aside and put on a cold war with me. I cry. He will only say that I don't like girls' tears.

Later, we broke up.

Later, he came to me and said he couldn't forget me. After breaking up, he found out that I was good before.

I pretended to smile calmly and said I had a boyfriend.

Now I still love to do, but the frequency of doing is less and less, because good love will make a person more and more gentle.

When I lose my temper, he will calmly reason with me, tell me his thoughts, and gently ask me why I am angry.

He won't leave me aside and ignore me. When I'm angry and don't answer his phone, he will always call.

I said I want to be quiet, he said that the matter of that day must be solved that day, or you will be sad at night. He will try his best to do everything he promised me, not to let my heart grow suspicious.

Now I finally understand why girls love doing so much in love, because in this relationship she can't get the sense of security she wants.

Some people say that security can only be given by yourself. You should not ask for security from others, but I think that in love, two people are not only independent individuals, but also interdependent communities.

It's like hugging. You have to hold two people together to keep warm.

If a person is really strong enough to give himself enough security, then I think he must be unhappy, because only children without umbrellas can run in the rain, and only those who can't give you warmth can warm themselves.

All the strong, are just forced helpless.

A boy, when you only see his girlfriend do it, have you ever thought about why she did it?

You can only see the appearance of her work, whether you see the essence of her work, and whether you have given her the security she wants in this relationship.

Good love always makes people more and more gentle, and those who are in love become worried about gain and loss, being a constant girl is nothing more than meeting someone who can't give her a sense of security.

One of the most fundamental reasons for a girl's love is that she really loves you. Love a person, will be cranky, can not think of will do, and the more love more do.

I read an article a few days ago. The author said that his girlfriend never does it. No matter what he does, she is indifferent. She's never sticky, she's independent, and she doesn't even care if he chats with other girls & hellip

He thought he was lucky and charming, so he found such a thoughtful girlfriend. Later, I learned that the reason why she never did it in this relationship was because she didn't love him.

Only those who really love you care so much about your actions and expressions. Only those who really love you will be afraid of losing you, and they will be at random.

So, please don't lose the person who really loves you. Maybe you can't bear her unreasonable quarrel in love, but when you lose her one day, you will miss the girl who used to love you, because she is not mature enough, but she really loves you.

Work is a kind of disease. People who don't love you can't bear it because of your work. Stay away from it. Only people who really love you will always accompany you and use love to contain you until time heals you.

I never think it's a good thing for girls to love to do things. You always treat yourself as a child in your feelings. You always ask each other to tolerate your unreasonable quarrels. You treat yourself as a princess and let a boy pet you. It's also a very childish behavior.

After all, everyone's patience is limited. He is not your parents. He has no obligation to bear you unconditionally because he loves you.

So girls themselves should learn to grow up, not to see themselves too important, not to see each other too important, with an equal heart to see this relationship.

For boys, think about whether girlfriend has anything to do with herself. When you think she is naive, will you be mature enough to tolerate her pettiness.

Whether you have given her enough security and proved your love for her with your own practical actions, rather than just saying it verbally.

Girls love not to do well, but not to do more dangerous.

She does at least show that she really loves you, but if she doesn't, she may never love you or she may no longer love you.