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Do you know many effects of Luffa water?

Do you know that there is a magic loofah water, its price is very cheap, and its effectiveness is very much. MM of all ages love it very much, not only because it is cheap and big bowl, but also surprisingly good, and it will not be distressed to use it to make mask. Let's take a look at what the water of Luffa is amazing.

Deep hydration: Luffa water contains carbohydrates, plant mucus, vitamins and minerals, which can maintain the normal water content of the cuticle, slow down dehydration and prolong hydration, and replenish the water needed by the skin. Whitening: this function is immediate. Use the towel gourd water to soak the ordinary mask paper and paste it on the face. Remove it after 50 minutes. You will find that the skin with no mask and the skin color of the mask are two colors! This good effect, we need not worry about the chemical composition contained in it. The inspection report of this product shows that the content of arsenic, lead and mercury is zero. The only regret is not as effective as chemical whitening.

How much do you know about the magic effect of loofah water?

Qingre Xiaoyan: as a medicinal material, loofah water has the functions of activating blood circulation, clearing away heat and moistening skin, effectively removing blackheads and acne. Balance oil: loofah water sweet, mild, regulate the secretion of facial sebum, astringent and calm facial skin. Apply the mask paper to the face with a giant loofah water. Other parts of the neck or body for about 50 minutes, remove the mask and dry it naturally. In the morning of the second day, you will find that the skin becomes unoily! Wrinkle and wrinkle resistance: this effect can be seen only if it is used for a long time. The Japanese writer Hirabayashi Eiko is using the towel gourd water for nearly 80 years old without wrinkles. Exfoliation: after using the loofah water for a few days, it may appear peeling phenomenon, which fully proves the exfoliation function of the loofah water. It will be used for about a month. After the aging horniness is removed, the white and tender face will appear. Of course, it will feel unsightly during the peeling period, and it can cooperate with some oily cosmetics.

Skin care principle of loofah water

Loofah water, a large amount of necessary water for skin, contains carbohydrates, plant mucus, vitamins and minerals, can maintain the normal water content of cuticle, slow down dehydration and prolong hydration, can supplement the necessary water for skin, and keep skin tender and delicate. Moisturize and whiten skin, relieve tight and dry skin. Loofah water contains a lot of natural moisturizing factors. The non sticky moisturizing ingredients can effectively relieve the tight and dry skin, keep the facial skin moist, elastic, beautiful, ruddy, clean and white. There are many kinds of loofah water. When we choose it, we must use the one that suits us and does not irritate or hurt the skin. We must also choose the one that does not choose blindly. Only pure loofah water can better care the skin.

There are many uses of loofah water

Towel gourd lemon whitening application materials: towel gourd water amount, lemon half, milk amount. Method: wash and chop the lemon and put it into the juicer to extract the juice. Add the juice to the milk and some loofah water, mix well, and apply to the face. Wash the mask after 10~15 minutes. The mask can be used for a long time to make skin fair and delicate, and reduce spots. Wrinkle free loofah liquid material: fresh and tender loofah water method: naturally secrete the juice from the loofah rattan, and then dip it in degreasing cotton to apply the juice on the face and lightly smear the wrinkles. Long term use can reduce wrinkles and keep the face not old. In addition, eating loofah also has a good cosmetic effect. When the toner is applied directly to the face after cleansing, gently pat the face with fingers until it is completely absorbed.

Do you think it's amazing to know the use of so many loofah water? Buy it quickly and it's beautiful if you don't go out at home~