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After 90 actor Xu Ting suffers from lymphatic cancer to die how terrible is lymphatic cancer after a

[Xiaobian said] I saw a sad news yesterday. Xu Ting, a post-90s actress, died in Beijing yesterday (7 days) due to lymphatic cancer. Her sister Xu Dandan confirmed her death on Weibo. Li Nian, Weng Hong and Ge Tiandu, many entertainment stars, refueled her yesterday afternoon. In fact, Xiaobian got to know some of the beautiful actress only after seeing the news yesterday. Don't understand let small knitting take you to understand!

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Screenshot of Xu Ting's microblog

In fact, the editor of this passage is really distressed. A girl just wants to live a good life, but she has suffered so much.

Why is a good person before, how can be suddenly gone? Is lymphatic cancer really so terrible? Why do you get lymphatic cancer, and how to defend it? Continue to follow Xiaobian!

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Screenshot of wechat chat between Xu Ting and her friends

It's formaldehyde poisoning! Xiaobian reminds! New house decoration should be ventilated for at least half a year before occupancy!

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80% of cancers are acquired - lymphoid cancer

80% of cancers are acquired - lymphoid cancer

Next, let Xiaobian use more scientific fables to summarize the causes of lymphatic cancer.

1. Low immune function, such as AIDS, organ transplantation, rheumatoid arthritis, etc;

2. Virus infection such as HTLV, HIV, EB virus, etc;

3. Chemical carcinogens such as pesticides and hair dyes;

4、 Others, such as radiation exposure and Hodgkin 's disease after treatment, etc;

5. Long term acidic constitution is the common cause of lymphocyte carcinogenesis.

Long term acidic constitution is the common cause of lymphocytic cancer

Lymph node enlargement: including superficial and deep lymph nodes, characterized by progressive and painless enlarged lymph nodes, which are hard in quality and can be pushed forward. They do not adhere to each other in the early stage, but can be fused in the late stage. Anti-inflammatory and anti tuberculosis treatments are ineffective. The superficial lymph nodes were mostly seen in the neck, followed by the axilla and ventral sulcus. The mediastinum and the abdominal aorta are the most common in the deep part. Local compression symptoms caused by enlarged lymph nodes: mainly refers to deep lymph nodes, such as enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes, which may cause dysphagia by compressing the esophagus; compression of the superior vena cava may cause superior vena cava syndrome; compression of the trachea may cause cough, chest distress, dyspnea and cyanosis, etc.

How to prevent lymphatic cancer?

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How to prevent lymphatic cancer

1. To prevent virus invasion, we can establish a line of defense in the body through vaccination (such as hepatitis vaccine), sleep promotion, diligent sports field and other measures to prevent virus invasion.

2. Strengthen the immune system in the body, such as eating three meals, taking enough nutrients related to immunity to prevent malnutrition; use drugs reasonably, try to avoid antibiotics, corticosteroids and other drugs that damage the immune system.

3. Pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat moldy food, eat less pickled, fried and high-fat food, quit smoking (including second-hand smoke), drink properly, but never excessive.

4. Clean the environment, make every effort to environmental protection in the room decoration, use mobile phones and computers correctly, and control the ionizing radiation within the allowable range.

5. Avoid harmful chemicals, such as no or less use of hair dye, to remove pesticides and other anti pollution treatment of fruits and vegetables.

6. Moderate sunbathing. Sunbathing has an obvious preventive effect on lymphoid cancer, but it can not be over exposed to the sun, otherwise it may cause skin cancer.

7. High risk groups, such as those with genetic factors or old and weak, should take some anti lymphoma diet and alkaline food with high alkali content as appropriate. In addition, people can learn more about the early signal of lymphoma, usually pay attention to the observation of the physical condition, exclude the possibility of other diseases if there is lymphadenopathy, and consider the possibility of lymphoma, which plays a certain role.

[Xiaobian nags] Xiaobian really reminds you once again that no matter how tired you are at work and school and how much you want to succeed, you should not treat yourself badly. You should be healthy and healthy. Having a good body is the biggest cost. If you don't have the cost, you won't even have the chance to turn over the dish. So please take good care of yourself.