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Don't be afraid to let you no longer be a national treasure!

Girls often love beauty but can't resist the temptation to stay up late, but they can't keep climbing to bed at 10 o'clock every day to have a 'beauty sleep'. After class, friends get together, or watch TV plays, they can't help staying up until midnight. But the damage of staying up late to the skin is obvious to all. How can we make our dark circles less obvious?

There are many small ways to get rid of dark circles. For example, don't use your eyes excessively, don't stay up late to watch TV or play with your mobile phone. When your eyes are dry and tired, you can rest your eyes by closing your eyes. In addition, we can apply eye mask to remove dark circles. You can also use some natural raw materials, such as apple, cucumber, carrot slices to apply to the eyes, or you can grind them with some egg white or add a few drops of white vinegar to apply to the eyes. In addition, massage of the eyes is also conducive to the elimination of dark circles.

Eye cream is the basic equipment of eye care

Eye cream is an effective way to remove the dark circles, but you need to choose the right eye cream to help you better maintain your eyes and remove the dark circles, such as qimeier eye cream, natural plants, refreshing is very suitable for young people to stay up late and other black circles. After application, massage with ball to make the skin absorb better, which has a good effect on eliminating the dark circles. As long as you choose the right eye cream, even if there is no black eye circle, it can help you better protect the eye skin, especially those who face the computer and other electronic screens every day. Eye cream is a good choice.

Regular work and rest is the key to eliminate the dark circles

Regular life, normal work and rest time is a prerequisite for improving dark circles. Don't think that applying mask or toner cosmetics can keep you young, enough sleep and reasonable time to arrange. From 10:00 p.m. to about 2:00 a.m. is the most active time of skin metabolism, so the normal work and rest time is conducive to the normal operation of various functions of the body, the metabolic cycle, the prevention of melanin precipitation, and the effective improvement of the black eye.

It's also important to be in a good mood

We often say that when we have a good mentality, we will get along with it. The negative impact of people's mood is great. Especially now the pressure of life and work is great, many trivial things increase and feel depressed, the quality of sleep drops, and too much mood fluctuation will cause blood color disorder, which will lead to more serious dark circles. Only when you keep your mood stable and refuse to worry or get angry, will you look good and radiant. Sleep quality is good, there will be no dark circles.

Good eating habits make you healthier

If you want to go to dark circles, you can adjust your diet. Many eye problems are related to the liver, so people who stay up late and cause dark circles can start from this aspect. Usually to drink more water, can be conducive to the body's metabolic cycle, discharge the body's dirty substances, reduce pigment backlog. The diet should be balanced. Eat more foods containing protein, vitamin A and vitamin E, such as milk and eggs, or refer to some high-quality recipes, such as tomato, carrot, jujube water, wolfberry, pig liver soup, etc., which are conducive to eliminating the desalination of dark circles.

Do you remember all these methods? If you want to eliminate the black eye circles, you should stick to them and don't give up halfway~