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Let the mouth no longer lonely, the most office snacks are not fat

[Xiaobian said] for most office workers, the area of their office is the main battlefield of "eating gold coins". But for a short day, just work, it's a little boring. So the powerful people think of all kinds of leisure and entertainment methods used in the office. For example, office fitness, office beauty, office food, and... Office romance? Seriously, today's editor will tell you about office food and snacks. Eating nothing but fat is the wish of all foodies. Then Xiaobian will introduce some low-fat and delicious office snacks to you, so that your mouth is no longer lonely!

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When I work in the office, I feel that my mouth is bland and tasteless, so I want to find some snacks to eat. Potato chips, spicy Chips & hellip; & hellip; delicious is delicious, but it's easy to get angry and may lead to obesity. Today, I summarized the most comprehensive snacks for you, which can not only satisfy your appetite, but also satisfy your thirst. Do you really know the classification of snacks?

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Snacks are mainly divided into three levels, 'preferred' snacks will not be fat after eating

The first level is the "preferred level", which is a priority snack, which has many benefits to the body. For example: apples, bananas, kiwifruit, nuts, yogurt.

The second level is' condition level '. When eating these snacks, we should consider' condition '. If you have been overweight, you must choose' condition level 'snacks appropriately. These snacks can supplement some nutrients, but we must pay attention to the problem of control quantity. For example: fish fillet, seaweed, dried fruit, chocolate, wafer biscuit, whole wheat biscuit.

The third level is' restricted 'snacks, which can be tried occasionally, but it is useless to eat more. For example: preserved fruit, candy, cookies, puffed food, pickled food.

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Tips for eating snacks without getting fat

Understand the level and classification of snacks. If you want to eat snacks and lose weight at the same time, the key is to eat them correctly. Learn how to eat snacks so you don't have to watch them.

Tip 1: 2 hours from the previous meal

The purpose of eating snacks 2 hours after meal is to eliminate your hunger. After 2 hours of eating, you start to feel hungry. At this time, if you don't eat something that increases blood sugar, the whole person will have shaking hands, grumpy temper and other phenomena, and even eat something with higher calories. So if you take in some calories at this time, it will help you to control your weight.

Tip 2: buy small package or self repackage

For office workers, they may start to be a little hungry when they have more than 3 p.m., at this time, if they drink afternoon tea with colleagues and eat a bunch of snacks, it is easy to lead to obesity. You can choose to buy small package snacks, so that you can neither misunderstand colleagues nor consume too many calories, but also eat snacks. In order to meet the health needs of most people, many businesses will change the packaging of biscuits from a large package to a small package of independent packaging, so that you can eat two packages at a time, and then drink a lot of water.

Many people will think it's not worth buying a small bag. Here's a little secret. You can buy a big bag of what you like to eat, and then go home and pack it into a small bag and a small bag for easy carrying. You can take one bag with you every time you want to eat, and you can only eat one bag or two days a day. It's also called take out among colleagues. You can share a bowl of dessert with two or three people, so that you can eat snacks and lose weight.

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Tips for eating snacks without getting fat

Tip 3: take 10-15 minutes to focus on eating

Many people eat snacks when they are watching TV or playing mobile phones to understand their appetites, but it is very important to focus on snacks. For example, if you don't get any entertainment tools, just some nuts, even if there is only a little, you will feel that you can't eat more than half of them. But if you eat while watching TV, you'll eat soon and want to eat again. So it's important to focus on snacks.

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Office snacks drinks

1. Coffee. Note that the best is black coffee. There is a kind of black coffee powder that can be made directly in the supermarket without sugar or milk. Coffee with sugar and milk and instant coffee are the enemies of weight loss! Caffeine contained in coffee can achieve good weight loss effect. Coffee can also refresh your mind, which is needless to say, but coffee is not easy to drink more and drink on an empty stomach, easy to hurt your stomach.

2. Sugar free green tea. The aromatic compounds in green tea can dissolve fat, turn turbid and remove greasiness, and prevent fat from accumulating in the body. Vitamin B1, C and caffeine can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion and fat elimination. Catechins in green tea have the functions of antioxidation, improving metabolism, scavenging free radicals and so on. They can activate protein kinase and triglyceride lipase through many functions, reduce the accumulation of fat cells, so as to achieve the effect of reducing weight. Green tea can accelerate fat consumption and strengthen the effect of healthy weight loss.

3. Milk. Milk is rich in calcium, which can help the body burn fat and promote the body to produce more enzymes that can degrade fat. So if you want to lose weight, please drink milk every day. Milk also has a strong sense of fullness. After drinking it, you don't have to worry about getting fat.

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Office snacks

1. Nuts. Walnuts, peanuts, almonds and other foods can nourish the brain, nuts are usually high in calories, but because they are rich in protein and nutrients, they can increase the sense of fullness, so they are also good diet snacks. During the period of weight loss, eating nuts (about 30g / day) can help keep healthy, beautify and lose weight.

2. Jujube. Sister's gospel, eat more dates can relieve dysmenorrhea, good for the body but also low fat. It is recommended to buy a large bag, and unpack it with a small sealed bag to pack it. A small bag usually contains ten pieces, and a small bag every day.

3. Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains the least sugar and fat in all chocolate. It will turn into glucose and flow into the blood, and release energy in the body. You may as well eat a chocolate when you feel hungry, which is healthier than biscuits and cakes, because black coffee has weight-loss effect.