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Shawl collocation temperature without losing demeanor collocation here

Shawl is a piece that can shine brightly in autumn and winter. Its styles are also various and its styles are changeable. What should be the specific matching shawl? You know what? Let's briefly introduce the different styles of shawls! Let your temperature and demeanor coexist in this autumn and winter season.

First shawl: Nude

According to the color, the shawl can be divided into naked color system, that is, light color system, mainly white and beige, as well as warm color system, red and yellow. There are dark, brown and black. Let's take a look at the collocation of nude color system! The feeling of nude color is particularly gentle, so we can choose a beige shawl with a white sweater, a pleated skirt on the lower body, and then a small black leather shoes.

The second shawl: Plaid shawl

Lattice can be regarded as a trend element that will never change, and it's not good to use it on the shawl. The lattice is also divided into sizes, depending on your choice. The large grid is more atmospheric. In addition, it is divided into colors. The specific collocation can be black and red plaid shawl, black turtleneck sweater, a pair of beige bottomed shorts, warm black bottomed pants, or flesh colored silk stockings with over knee boots.

The third shawl: silk shawl

Such a shawl gives people the feeling that it is particularly elegant. Floating with the wind can give people a very comfortable feeling. A temperament shawl with a cardigan, a dress and a pair of high heels. The shawl not only adds temperature to the neck, but also adds a lot of points to the overall collocation. You can try it next time.