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Gray overcoats refuse to be bloated or cold

In fact, most girls feel headache when they think of autumn and winter, because it means that summer clothes are useless and they have to buy a new round of autumn and winter clothes. More importantly, if you wear a lot in autumn and winter, you will look bloated. If you don't wear a lot, it will be cold again. So we need coats. Today, let's look at the matching of gray coats.

The grey suit collar lattice medium length knee length wool wool coat is matched with caramel sweater and brownish green umbrella skirt. The shoes are also Caramel plush shoes. The brownish green umbrella skirt adds a trace of feminine softness to the gray woolen coat, and caramel color is just the popular color in autumn and winter, giving people a gentle and intellectual feeling. When the weather is not particularly cold, you can match it like this. When the weather is cold, you can wear a flesh colored plush and thickened bottom socks.

Grey double-sided cashmere medium super knee tweed coat, with milk tea diamond pattern sweater and brick red vertical stripe wool dress, and a pair of dark brown pointed boots. If there are only two colors of gray and milk tea, it will inevitably be a little monotonous, so at this time, brick red can be used to light up the overall matching color, which can not only improve the temperament, but also whiten. It is super suitable for girls with white skin.

Grey double breasted Plaid medium length woolen coat with white turtleneck sweater, khaki straight leg trousers and black canvas shoes. Straight tube wide leg pants can well cover up the defects of leg shape. For example, the legs are not very straight or walk a little inside or outside. In addition to covering up the shortcomings of leg shape, it can also cover fat, making people thin and tall in visual effect.

Gray pinstripe Plaid loose medium length wool coat, match with black small high collar sweater and black nine point tight pants, and then put on a pair of white sneakers. Black is a particularly thin color. Wearing a black bottomed sweater can well cover the fat. Black nine point pants will expose their ankles. They can expose their ankles when the weather is warm, but it's best not to wear nine point pants when it's cold.