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European and American collocation learn from the famous clothes of European and American stars

Look at the collocation of European and American stars. Their fashionable clothes always appear in major magazines. Recently, there has been a European and American trend in China. Their makeup and costumes have attracted people to imitate, but there have been many failure cases. How can they wear the feeling of big stars in Europe and America? Now let's take a look at the European and American collocation with Xiaobian.

The collocation of European and American style gives people a special feeling of big brand. The same piece will have different effects under their careful collocation. Let's take a look at several collocations!

The first thing we want to talk about is the sweater, which is absolutely indispensable for young people. We can choose a simple grey hooded sweater, and then match it with a denim skirt. The shoes below can be simply matched with a pair of black boots. If you want to be different, you can match it with a pair of silver long boots, a big long leg can be displayed perfectly, and this style is also very handsome. If it's cold, you can add a military green jacket outside.

Look at those handsome Street Photos in Europe and America, you will find that in addition to the protective clothes, the black leather clothes with high appearance rate can be matched with black tight pants and a pair of black short boots. In this way, the matching of the same color system will not be very monotonous, but the whole matching is hierarchical because of different fabrics and different textures.

In addition, big stars in Europe and America generally bring handsome sunglasses when they travel. You can also Oh, such small details will add a lot to your overall collocation. It would be better if you add a fine makeup.