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Students' collocation skills, saving money and looking good are the king

The student party is the most hard pressed group of people. They don't make much money and their living expenses are not enough. Just out of high school, I took off my young school uniform and suddenly found that I had no clothes to wear again! The most uncomfortable thing is that there are only a few clothes and different styles. What should I do? Xiao Bian came to save these students.

When buying clothes in life, students can try their best to buy versatile styles, such as versatile T-shirts, stripe patterns and letter patterns. In this style, wearing different coats outside in autumn can also create different feelings. In summer, you can wear a white striped T-shirt and a pair of bleached jeans. Although this collocation is very simple, it will never be out of date. Moreover, even in street photography, it is often photographed, which has a very youthful campus atmosphere.

For example, in autumn, a versatile bottomed shirt is very important. The Striped bottomed shirt with high collar can be matched with different sweaters, knitwear, cardigan and even dress. For example, a Pink Gray Striped bottomed shirt can be matched with a pink sweater. This matching is also very simple, but not monotonous, highlighting the sense of existence of the sweater and the role of the bottomed shirt.

To recall the youth, we still need to count the keywords of white, dress, shirt and so on. White dress is a necessary dress for students when they were young girls. The dress can always give people a feeling of youth and gentleness, especially the white dress, which is very in line with the smell of girls. You can also choose some broken flower patterns. The pastoral style is also a favorite style of the student party. Put a coat inside the broken flower dress, which can not only keep warm and prevent cold, but also a very fashionable and practical way to wear.

Generally speaking, the student party should pay attention to the method of dressing, save repeated clothes, buy other styles, and try more.