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How to match military green in daily life

Speaking of what color people wear most often in their daily life, generally speaking, the streets are full of black and white gray. In fact, black and white gray is also right. After all, it is a versatile color, but is it too monotonous to always wear black and white gray? In fact, there is another color that is also very good, that is, military green, Today, let's take a look at the common collocation of military green.

White tassel wool dress, military green short coat and black high-heeled shoes, and a white embroidered canvas bag on your back can be used to hold materials for work or study. It is convenient to carry and fits the overall collocation. The collocation of white and military green is very harmonious. White gives people the feeling of quiet literature and art, while military green coat will give people the feeling of full heroism. It integrates the two distinct qualities of softness and handsome. Light green loose medium length jacket, military green straight leg pants and black lace up small leather shoes. High girls can choose flat shoes. If they are slightly petite girls, of course, don't forget to increase the insole or increase the shoes. Light green and military green belong to the same color system, but the color is different. This collocation will not appear redundant, but will have a sense of hierarchy. The medium and long military green coat is matched with pure black plaid sweater and dark blue jeans. Cool Martin boots can be selected for shoes. The colors of military green pure black and dark blue are not very conspicuous and belong to more daily colors. Such dress is simple and fashionable. It is most suitable for girls who don't have much time to dress up or don't bother to spend time to dress up. The military green lace top with black tie bow, black pencil pants and small white shoes are also very good. Most people think that military green is a more casual and neutral color. In fact, military green can also be very sweet. The lace top with a bow can be said to be very girlish. And black pencil pants will look thin and long legs.