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How do girls dress up more appropriately? The image of a lady is at one fell swoop

To be a well-dressed and exquisite girl, we should first understand what kind of body we are, find the color suitable for our skin color, and then choose the type of clothes suitable for ourselves according to our own situation. Be sure to pay attention that the clothes are worn on yourself, not on white or black models and hangers. As long as you find the right clothes and makeup for yourself and learn the types of clothes to wear on the corresponding occasions, your dress will be more appropriate.

Many curves of women can be expressed by clothes, and the most beautiful clothes are still X-shaped, which can not only set off women's slim and slender figure, but also have a full feminine flavor. For a standard figure girl who fits the sexy route, X-shaped clothes are perfect. Tall girls need to avoid wearing cute clothes. Others only need to pay attention to the matching of colors and occasions. The best dress for short girls should choose a neat, concise and straight line design. Pleated skirts with vertical lines, straight trousers, clothes in the same color series or plain colors from head to toe, and fitted jackets all make petite and small people look relaxed and natural.

Nowadays, the international dress principle of choosing a warm coat with excellent materials and wearing a light sweater or shirt inside will become more and more popular. In terms of color, black is always the popular color in the city, but if your face is not very good, it's best to avoid this color, but adding gray color is not only bright, but also not too jumping, and it's also an appropriate choice.

In fact, as long as we are willing to spend more time and energy on the matching of clothes, coupled with certain body management, we can not only let you wear 20 matching with 10 clothes, exercise your aesthetic taste, but also make your dress more and more appropriate.