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Sweatpants are comfortable and good-looking

Are you still wearing tight pants all over the street? Then you're lagging behind. Now wearing comfortable and beautiful sports pants is the trend. If you want to say comfort, sports pants are far better than jeans. If you want to say beauty, most people may think jeans are the winner. In fact, that's not the case. In terms of appearance, sports pants won't lose to jeans, The key is to see how to match. Let's take a look at the common matching of sweatpants.

The red short vest is matched with blue striped sweatpants and red and white sneakers. If it is inconvenient to carry things on the trip, you can carry a small square bag with black geometric pattern chain. The short vest can well modify the waist curve. Red and blue are very contrasting colors. The whole person looks energetic and full of girlish feeling. However, girls with plump bodies should not try it easily. Short vests are more suitable for thin girls.

Black striped crew neck sweater, green loose casual splicing sweatpants and canvas shoes, carry a large brown bag to pack things, and wear a light gray Plush hat when the weather is cold. The lazy retro style of Japanese girls came out like this. This kind of dress is very suitable for girls with more meat. It is a very disguised dress. And it has both temperature and grace.

White crew neck sweater with light blue cowboy coat and black sweatpants. Choose versatile small white shoes for shoes. This dress is very simple and casual. It is very suitable for students and office workers who don't have much time and mind to figure out how to dress. If they like trinkets, they can bring daily woven bracelets. The whole style is fresh and artistic.

The black crew neck sweater is matched with caramel medium and long windbreaker, gray sports pants and white sports shoes. Black, white, gray and caramel are particularly gentle colors, which are very suitable for autumn and winter. Girls who are more detail oriented can apply the same caramel color nail polish, and the caramel color will be more white.