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Can you? How should white and red match

White and red are very common colors in daily life. White gives people a feeling of cleanness and purity. It is relatively low-key and less attractive. Red makes people feel warm and generous. It is a very publicized and attractive color. The combination of white and red will complement each other. Next, let's take a look at the common combination of white and red.

The navel sea soul shirt with red as the background color and white stripes is matched with pure white hot pants. In terms of shoes, you can choose daily nude lace up sandals. The sea soul shirt is originally a very academic dress. It will look full of vitality and girlish. It is a very age reducing dress. The navel exposed dress can also better modify the waist curve. Hot pants can also lengthen the leg curve, making the legs look longer than they actually are.

Medium length V-neck sling red dress with white sweater. Shoes can choose white lace up single shoes. Girls who love nail polish can also wear red nail polish, white nail polish, but white may appear black. If you need to travel and it is inconvenient to carry things, you can carry a small black square bag on your back. Such collocation is artistic temperament. Whether it's going shopping with friends, watching movies or traveling, it's a very suitable dress.

White V-Neck embroidered top with red high waist A-line skirt and ordinary canvas shoes. This body seems to be more common. In order to have our own style, we can match it carefully with small ornaments, wear a white tassel Choker on our neck, tie a white printed square towel on our left hand, and match the same white pearl bracelet on our right hand. Earrings can choose a single large pearl earring.

White knitwear with black ripped jeans and ordinary sneakers or canvas shoes. Then tie a low horsetail and wear large frame glasses. Short sighted girls don't have to wear contact lenses for matching. Simple leisure is not monotonous. White and blue are very gentle colors, and the whole person looks very intellectual.