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Would you like to know which is the most suitable skirt for you with a coat? Please poke here

The dress is deeply loved by the majority of women. Regardless of age, the dress can be said to be versatile. In my opinion, dress has a kind of magic. It can deceive people about your age. In other words, it is to be tender. This is true. If you just have a baby face, it can really make people think it is possible to just go to high school. One of my classmates is already 20 years old, but it is because she has baby fat, looks like 16 years old, and she especially likes to wear that kind of dress or doll collar, so it is particularly easy to give people a feeling of deception. So the dress is very suitable to be tender

But the dress is very good-looking, but it is not very suitable in autumn and winter, because the dress, especially the good-looking dress, is made of thin material. It can be said that it is very not resistant to the cold in autumn and winter. After all, the most important thing in autumn and winter is to keep warm. For girls, keeping warm is very important, otherwise cold may cause a series of diseases, For example, Gong Han and so on, so girls must pay attention to keep warm and protect themselves.

So what should women who especially love dresses do in autumn and winter? It's easy. It's done with a coat. But this coat is not casual, otherwise it may destroy the design of your whole set of clothes and have a certain impact on your overall beauty. Here I want to introduce a very versatile dress coat, that is, windbreaker. No matter what kind of dress you wear, it can match perfectly. The most important thing is that the length of windbreaker and the length of dress are also very matched.

Different windbreaker and different dress will also collide with different sparks. For example, if you are a white-collar worker in the company, you can use a black dress with a brown windbreaker, which is neither dignified nor domineering. It is very suitable for the image of strong women. To sum up, I think windbreaker is the best choice for skirt and coat, and the most important thing is that if you buy a windbreaker, it will never be out of date.