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What are the skills for boys to wear? Look at this second to become a male god

Nowadays, boys live more delicately than girls. But there are some boys, either just entering college or just entering society, who don't know how to match their clothes. How should boys choose clothes suitable for themselves?

The first step is to determine their skin color. Some boys often expose themselves to the sun because they often exercise or don't pay attention. So there will be some dark skin. It doesn't matter if the skin is black. As long as you wear it well, it can highlight the sunshine temperament of boys. It is recommended to focus on functionality and durability, which can show the American style of tough man image. When choosing red color, you must choose dark wine red, a similar color with low lightness. Because one of the colors is darker, it will appear that the saturation is relatively high, so it will appear that boys have temperament. But black skinned boys are not suitable for the bright color of gray and navy blue. If it's a white boy, it's easier to match.

Based on simplicity, black is the main color, and exquisite embroidery is used on the chest to add fashion highlights to the simple body. Don't stick to details. If you want to be more comfortable and comfortable in life, of course, choose casual pants. Whether it's with a sweater, T-shirt, shirt or coat, it can match well. The combination of oversides sweater and jeans gives people a feeling of vitality while being casual and comfortable. It is very suitable for building a youth sunshine boy. A leisure jacket with exquisite workmanship can add a lot of color to the shape. Among them, the Classic Baseball collar has no complicated decoration, simple and neat, fashionable and generous.

It is easy to create the image of a sportsman by simply using baseball caps and shoes, mixing and matching T-shirts, casual overalls and so on!

Boys who prefer European and American style clothes are probably not too bad. However, it should be noted that the short flight jacket + business color shirt can echo the shirt color when matching shoes, so as to brighten the dark color matching of the whole body.