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How to wear the suit? How to choose other small details

Spring is sleepy and autumn is tired. In this lazy autumn, the whole person feels lazy all day and has no energy. At this time, we need some clothes to match and save our laziness, and the more this is, the more we feel that we should get out of the whole energy. Autumn is equipped with a new wave, which makes people dazzling. Just come to a suit. If you don't agree, you'll be lazy and easily deal with the embarrassing moment of autumn fatigue. Indeed, choosing a suit saves a lot of things, but how to choose a suit suitable for yourself, and what should we pay attention to the collocation of those small details?

First of all, let's take a look at the essential items in autumn! Knitting, stripes and big trumpet sleeves are all the elements we like in autumn. Wearing these elements will form a lazy and casual atmosphere. Even if there is a hip wrap skirt to save it, it will not change the leisure style we want. The collision between light purple and military green opens the unique relationship between another color.

Of course, skirts are indispensable for all beauties in autumn. Hip Wrap skirts are a good choice. Let's take a look at this suit. The pure red hip wrap skirt is matched with the red A-shaped sweater. The relaxed texture of the sweater, Hip Wrap Skirt and fishtail skirt hem can be retracted and released freely, forming an excellent sense of hierarchy with the jacket. With the popular fishing net stockings and canvas shoes, the effect is very good. And the overall red is also very attractive.

Golden velvet material skirt clothes are particularly elegant, which will give people a high goddess temperament, but it can also be as low as the fashion in the dust. With this kind of fabric as the focus, leisure suits have a lot of confidence. Coupled with color contrast ornament, autumn must be very colorful.

The suit is easy, but the small details of bags and shoes can't be spared, so that we can spend the whole autumn more gracefully.