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If you want people to look brighter, let's see how to match the bright yellow

On the whole, color matching is to be harmonious. Yellow is a particularly bright color, that is, the color of the sun and the color of sunflowers, which always gives people a positive feeling. Although it is such a bright color, it is a big problem to match it. If you want to match yellow well, you may need some good skills. Now let's take a look with Xiaobian!

Yellow belongs to the warm color system, which symbolizes warmth. It is luxurious, happy, warm, jumping, capricious, authoritative and lively. It is very practical in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Yellow items are also numerous: Yellow skirts, yellow coats and yellow bags. Let's see what yellow suits best.

The first Collocation: yellow with black

Yellow and black are noble and high-grade immediately. As the highest matching color combination, it is simply a local tyrant in the color matching. Pull a group of color matching with a sense of quality and grade. We can choose a yellow dress with black leather clothes. If it is a yellow dress with black sandals in summer, this matching is particularly high-end, which is enough for you to seize the limelight. Compared with the all black collocation, this collocation doesn't know how much spirit it takes.

The second Collocation: yellow with white

Two high brightness color matching, because of the purity of white, can be small and fresh Oh ~ lemon yellow and white can make you warm, lively, lovely, hot and not exposed, implicit enough, just like the white chrysanthemum with yellow stamens ~ fresh and bright, this group of color matching is very suitable for summer. A simple white T-shirt with a yellow skirt adds a cooler breath to this summer.

Yellow is a special jump. Bold people can choose the matching of color contrast. Yellow can be matched with green or purple. These need to be realized slowly in practice.