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Girls' camouflage pants and Dafa are here. Take it away

Camouflage pants as a very popular element recently, have you got it? Let's first understand how the specific camouflage clothes should be matched best? First of all, let's understand the element of camouflage!

Camouflage uniform is a camouflage military uniform that uses color blocks to integrate soldiers' body into the background color. Ancient military uniforms often chose eye-catching colors, which could make the military look bright and easy to identify, and more red ones were used. This can cover up the blood and reduce the panic of our soldiers. The first use of camouflage color military uniforms was the British army. In December 1864, British captain Harry middot; Barnett & middot; Ramstein organized an irregular army "British Army reconnaissance team" in Peshawar, Pakistan. When making the military uniform of the reconnaissance team, Ramstein selected the Khaki yellow military uniform in order to facilitate camouflage during reconnaissance because of the characteristics of many exposed loess lands and large sandstorms. In later operations, this military uniform played a better camouflage effect. However, it was later applied to clothes and was no longer limited to combat troops.

How do you match camouflage clothes? Generally, it depends on your style; If you want to feel like a street, you can wear something a little wider. If you want to be a more personalized woman, you can express your curves better. Note that the sleeves of the white long sleeved T-shirt must not be short.

In addition, the effect of your pants is also very important. It's best to wear camouflage pants a little loose, which can not only shape your legs well, but also give you a unique temperament. If they are too loose, they sometimes appear procrastinating, especially for short people.