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How should a girl's little suit fit

The same dress will be worn by different people. Women's small suit is such a piece. Then you know how to match a small suit. The following Xiaobian will explain the matching skills from the aspects of clothes, pants and shoes matched with a small suit. If you don't know how to match a small suit, you can refer to it.

First of all, let's talk about what's in the suit? After choosing a small suit coat, what we are most worried about is what to wear inside the small suit? This is a tangled problem for many MM who don't understand collocation. In fact, there are many clothes that can match with a small suit, such as shirts, T-Shirts, vests, dresses, etc. Under different circumstances, we can choose different collocations. Let's take a look at the different feelings of different collocations.

First: small suit with shirt

A shirt in a small suit is a classic and ol style match, which is very suitable for office women. If you are such a working woman, you can match it like this, or you can match it like this on formal occasions.

Second: small suit with T-shirt

The matching of vest and T-shirt is fresh and fashionable. It is suitable for office and leisure occasions. Especially simple

Third: small suit with vest

A vest is worn inside a small suit, which is also a common collocation, fashionable and sexy. And this collocation has a little sexy, do you feel it? There is such a taste of mature women.

Fourth: small suit with dress

Matching a small suit with a dress can show a woman's soft temperament, and has a lady's temperament.