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The handsome of leather pants is unstoppable

How to match girls' leather pants? Leather pants are favored by all kinds of girls because of their handsome style. Do you know how to grasp the scale of leather pants? In previous articles, Xiaobian introduced what kind of coat leather skirt should match. Now Xiaobian will tell you what kind of shoes leather skirt should match!

The first Collocation: leather pants + small white shoes

Leather pants with small white shoes are two versatile tools. Naturally, they will not make mistakes together. Moreover, leather pants with small white shoes smoothly interpret the classic and ingenious black-and-white matching, which also looks very simple and clean. Mix and match of small sexy and sports style for easy control.

The second Collocation: leather pants + canvas shoes

Leather pants with age-reducing canvas shoes show a sense of youth and playfulness. If you want to be tall, you have to show your ankles. This neutral and casual style is more suitable for cute girls. And leather pants can choose wide leg leather pants, which makes them thinner!

The third Collocation: lazy Shoes + Leather Pants

Lazy shoes, commonly known as' one foot pedal ', are shoes without shoelaces. It is very simple, convenient to travel, and very versatile. It has a very high appearance rate in European and American street photography. With the popularity of lazy shoes, many printing and rivet styles have slowly evolved from the most traditional black face and white bottom. Pregnant mothers can also wear it.