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There are rules to match what shoes with what clothes

People should make a good impression on others. The collocation of the whole body should not be disorderly. What kind of hat is matched with what clothes, what shoes are matched with what clothes, and even the choice of socks are also exquisite, so can you understand these collocations well? Now Xiaobian will tell you what specific clothes should match with shoes!

There are many kinds of shoes. Are you particularly tangled when choosing shoes to match clothes? It's really sports shoes, high heels, small leather shoes, bean shoes, sandals, and various styles and colors. It's really eye-catching. Let's classify and see how to match it!

Category I: sports shoes

Definitely consider sportswear first, but is it limited to that? No, if you want to show your long legs in winter and be a youth trend school, you might as well try leather pants! The luxury and temptation brought by leather are absolutely eye-catching. With the style of sports shoes, it has the lightness and randomness of the whole winter and shows the chopsticks legs. In addition, sneakers can be paired with jeans, which will show freshness and vitality!

Class II: high heels

High heels are a great time for every girl to become a queen. Do you know what kind of clothes high heels should match? First of all, I have to pick up the matching of the skirt. Special lady. Then high heels can be matched with suit pants for white-collar style.

Category III: Sandals

Sandals are a match for a specific summer. Of course, there are skirts and super shorts. However, there are many kinds of sandals, depending on the style of clothes worn today.