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Curtain matching skills come and put it away

Curtain as a particularly important part of a family, as a curtain that needs to use color in a large area, its color selection should take into account the size of the room, its shape and orientation. The use of warm colors can produce a comfortable effect, and the use of cold colors can produce a broad and elegant appearance. If the home combination is too strong, you can use medium or non-color curtains as the connecting color. If the overall environment color is relatively neutral and single, bright color contrast can be added to emphasize the decorative role of curtains, which can change the visual effect of the room. Cool colors should be warm colors. Cool colors can be added in warm rooms, and gorgeous curtains can be used in monotonous rooms. Avoid using all light colors or all dark combinations in the room, and achieve a balance through the mixing and matching of depth and light.

Are you a little dizzy after talking so much? Let Xiaobian teach you some room curtain matching skills. You have to take a careful look!

The first Collocation: beige sofa with yellow curtains

Beige sofa with soft yellow cloth curtain is particularly elegant. If there are some patterns on the curtain, it would be better. We can use mix and match to show fashion, like the pattern of bird tail feathers, elegant tender yellow and lavender. The pattern of the curtain makes people feel as if they are in the plant kingdom of Southeast Asia, with a gentle and beautiful feeling.

Second Collocation: grey sofa with dandelion pattern curtain

Gray sofa with dandelion pattern curtains is particularly harmonious. Gray itself has always given people a sense of competence and atmosphere. People feel very atmosphere. With simple and fresh dandelion, it gives people a refreshing feeling. The flying dandelion reminds us of our childhood memories.

We must pay more attention to the choice of color and pattern. In addition, we must grasp the practicability of curtains as shelters.