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Fashion collection of woolen collocation

Autumn and winter are just around the corner. When I count the heavy clothes in the wardrobe, I feel a lot less fresh. In particular, the clothes I wore last year feel old and have no desire to wear at all. The temperature is falling. I'm drunk in the face of those down coats. If I don't prepare some fresh goods, I'm really in a good mood to ruin myself. It's especially suitable for dating, Changing clothes is equivalent to changing mood. Let's introduce woolen coats to you!

I heard that this year is the coldest winter in history. I found that the coldest winter is just like this. Temperature may be the most elusive existence in the world. However, no matter how elusive it is, it can't affect the firmness of the woolen coat. It's about meeting women's pursuit of beauty. No matter how changeable the temperature is, it can't affect the firmness of the wool coat!

Matching of the first wool coat:

Winter is too cold, but people can't lose their enthusiasm. Of course, the most direct way is that people are more delicate than peach blossoms. The color is pink, and the trumpet sleeves are matched with a long skirt, and then matched with a pink woolen coat. Naturally, it is a pink girl style.

Matching of the second set of woolen coat:

Since the birth of woolen coat, it has been favored by women, not because of its strong cold resistance function, but because of its unique appearance. After all, no one is willing to refuse a coat that can't be forgotten at a glance. The deep and shallow blue clothes are spliced together, so the sense of hierarchy is so rich that it especially attracts the attention of others.