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Dress collocation is too tangled. How is it right

The wardrobe is full of clothes, but I always feel that one is missing; In order to have enough time to dress up, I usually get up half an hour early, but I still come to work; Usually dating boyfriends are always impatient. Why? The reason is that I can't find the right clothes! Is there really no suitable clothes? In fact, you can't match.

Generally speaking, people's first impression is very important, especially in this face watching era, which is almost independent of personal will. You may not agree with Xiao Bian's words, but the fact is that there is no better way to remember you than to let others remember your clothes. It can be seen how important it is to learn dress collocation well! Let's talk about the specific principles of clothing matching.

Article 1 color matching generally refers to the matching of colors with the same nature, such as cold color with cold color and warm color with warm color. The more complete the hue, the better. At least three hues are required. For example, red, yellow and blue with the same brightness are matched together. Nature's rainbow is a good color tone.

The second approximate color matching, literally, is to choose adjacent or similar hues for matching. Such colors match well. Because the hue is close, it is also relatively stable. If it is a combination of intensity and shade of a single hue, it is called the same color matching. Brilliant matching: purple with green, purple with orange, green with orange.

Article 3 progressive color matching: the colors are arranged according to the degree of one of the three elements of hue, lightness and brilliance. Such color matching gives people transition and increases the sense of hierarchy of clothes.

Article 4 contrast color matching, two colors with large contrast in hue lightness are matched together, with distinct strengths and weaknesses. Among them, the contrast of lightness gives people a clear impression. It can be said that as long as there is the contrast of lightness, the color matching will not fail too much. For example, red with green, yellow with purple, blue with orange.

The above is the clothing collocation understood by Xiaobian. Specifically, it is some opinions on color collocation. You can know how to build it slowly!