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What is nutrition? Do you know how to match it

Generally speaking, you have to eat three meals every day, and the main nutrients in every day are vitamins, protein, fat, etc. the digestibility and absorption rate of protein in food is 85%; If you change to two meals a day and eat half of the whole day's food for each meal, the protein digestion and absorption rate is only 75%. Therefore, according to the living habits of our people, generally speaking, three meals a day is more reasonable. How do we usually eat to achieve balanced nutrition?

First, let's talk about breakfast. If you can supplement fruit, the quality will be better! Fruit is a rich source of vitamin A and C, and contains vitamin B group, fiber and minerals. It not only stimulates appetite, but also promotes intestinal peristalsis and maintains acid-base balance in the body. Eating fruit can not only improve beauty, but also make us look radiant, beautiful and moving in the morning! For example, we can choose to eat porridge with vegetables, or lettuce salad, ham and cucumber in sandwich. It's better to eat an apple, orange or half a banana after breakfast.

Lunch must be full. Avoid giving priority to carbohydrates. For example, eating rice, noodles, bread and desserts rich in sugar and starch will make people feel tired and difficult to concentrate at work. It is advisable to eat meat, fish, poultry eggs and soybean products with high protein (protein supplement products, protein supplement information) quality (protein products, protein information) and choline content. Because the high quality and high protein in this kind of food can increase tyrosine in the blood, keep the mind sharp, and play an important role in understanding and memory.

Try to eat less at night, otherwise the burden on the intestines and stomach is very heavy, easy to get fat and uncomfortable. You should pay more attention to the above collocations.