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How to remove meat by clothes

In this hot summer, the meat accumulated for a long time can't be hidden. What should I do? Maybe the sisters with meat on their belly should worry? How should I dress up this summer? Let's share some experience with you today! I hope I can give some help to the sisters troubled by meat.

Method 1: a font Top + Leggings

A font top with black bottomed pants can narrow the shoulder width and narrow the leg feeling, effectively cover the meat on the belly, if any, the irregular edge can also fully show the femininity! Those girls with meat on their stomachs can try this collocation.

Method 2: Chiffon Dress + fold

Chiffon material has the characteristics of softness and elegance. The design with some folds can not only cultivate the body, but also cover the meat on the small belly. Such collocation gives people a refreshing and elegant feeling. You girls who like to wear skirts should pay attention to this. Adding some small designs can have different surprises for you.

Method 3: Korean loose T-shirt

Loose T-shirts are more comfortable than tight clothes. Wearing tight clothes is hot and uncomfortable, and loose T-shirts are simple, generous, comfortable, casual and atmospheric!

Method 4: A-shaped vest chiffon shirt + slimming pants

This collocation can visually reduce shoulder width, elegant, comfortable, bright and fashionable!

After a small series of introduction. Do you know how to dress?