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T's versatile skills

There must be a basic white T in the corner of your wardrobe. It may be the one you bought in your adolescence, or you bought it specially to keep the tail of youth. As a representative of youth, the combination of jeans + white T has also become popular under the leadership of many youth dramas, causing a fashionable youth style that seems not to wear so, it is difficult to keep youth. But seriously, can you really wear such jeans + white T?

The combination of jeans and white T looks very clean, which is in line with the image of adolescent goddess in every girl's heart. White T with the popular washed jeans in spring and summer this year, such a simple collocation not only shows the pursuit of clean and comfortable style in summer, but also has a trendy visual sense to a certain extent. It can be worn in summer, coupled with single white shoes. At the same time, elements such as camouflage and flight coat can be added, which can be controlled on any occasion.

The versatile Printed T with A-line skirt is also a very popular match. Coupled with black thick heel boots, it has a full sense of street. The lace short T and pink pleated skirt are full of girl's heart. The mix and match with leather clothes has reached a new level, and the white sneakers make the whole look very practical and comfortable. White letter short T, high waist tight solid color jeans and black hollow flat shoes will make the whole person look very fashionable.

The combination of light gray short T, smoke gray perforated jeans, hollowed out high heels and black shoulder bag will greatly improve your matching freedom. The hollowed out high heels make her legs longer and straighter. At the same time, choosing leather or silk pieces will make your modeling texture improve rapidly. Bright colors are very suitable for summer tones. The black T is matched with pointed high heels and leather clothes, which has a full sense of modeling, while the white jeans have a trace of leisure flavor.