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A brief analysis of the wonderful moves of half body collocation

When it comes to the bust matching, the simplest and most beautiful is the bust skirt. The bust skirt is a very hot skirt all year round. Don't worry about being out of date. However, you also need to spend some time on the half body collocation. The wrong collocation will make you look particularly bloated. You may look like a middle-aged aunt when you are young. Let me give you some tips for your half body collocation!

Half length skirts are always at the forefront of the trend in the four seasons. You can wear a white or light T-shirt on the upper body, or you can wear a light vest and a small light cardigan. The color of the upper body clothes should not be too dark. Shoes with black leather shoes are the best. Try not to wear socks. Socks will make your legs thicker. If your legs are very thin, There is no problem at all.

The medium length skirt is extremely full of fairy flavor. When the pleats in the style meet the velvet fabric, it is the best display of classic retro. This year, the king in the fashion industry is the simple but not simple velvet skirt. Its popularity has swept the world. This style has a retro feeling, full vertical feeling, large swing shape, and the upper body is very impressive.

The fashionable pleated skirt is medium and long, and the waist design adopts elastic band, which can support any body and has the effect of closing the waist and abdomen; There are many levels, reflecting a complex aesthetic feeling. The long style can cover the obesity of the lower body and lengthen the lines of the legs.

Vintage wool tweed skirt is a hot style in winter. The simple and generous British lattice skirt is an extremely temperament skirt. A split sweater on the upper body can highlight the temperament from the inside out. The matching of sweater + skirt is a suit that many stars choose to travel. The loose warmth of the sweater and the skirt with good meat covering effect make it casual and versatile. Vertical pleated skirt, exquisite and natural pleated design, cloth skirt and high waist design can elongate the figure, and the proportion is tall. It is very elegant and beautiful with T-shirts and sweaters.